Northern Light Ranch, Kittila (Finland)

Located in the pristine wilderness of Finish Lapland, Northern Light Ranch is a veritable polar paradise with exquisite Scandinavian style. Imagine 16 luxury glass log cabins nestled in a remote snow- topped pine forest.

The icy, isolated retreat has all the warming luxuries you can ask for. The temperature outside may be -20 ºC, but inside each Sky View Cabin, it is unbelievably warm and cosy with huge heated windows and a glass ceiling offering magical views.

I knew we had come to the right place when I couldn´t stop photographing the frozen view. Waking up in the middle of an infinite vastness painted in white was definitely a pure life experience, but the real enchantment came in the pearl-white hush of a soul-penetrating cold winter night. During our stay, the northern lights failed to materialise, but we couldn´t care less. Lit up with millions of stars, the sky looked like a silent black chasm sprinkled with stardust.

The few hours of half-light were utterly magical. Although I had the intention to spend most of the time snuggled in bed, it was impossible not to get out and be the first to pad through fresh powder snow.

In the mornings, after a wholesome breakfast buffet, we would head to staple and feed the reindeers. I´ll never forget their big, glasses eyes and how they ate clumps of the crumbly linchen directly from our hands. Then, spent the brief daylight hours enjoying the Finnish sauna followed by a dip in ice-cold water or a roll in the snow.

The ranch´s restaurant proved to be as excellent as the lodging. I loved having a fireside Champagne dinner while window watching the adorable baby reindeers. A big thank you to the chef who surprised us with the most delicious Northern delicacies every evening! The apple crumble and vanilla ice cream was pure pleasure.


Sky View Cabin Superior (2 nights): 990E (Breakfast & dinner not included).

Sauna for two: 160E

Northern Lights Ranch

Ounasjoentie 1619
99140 Köngäs

Tel+358(0)44 7700 350

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