Meeting Kangaroos In Morisset Park, New South Wales

The most memorable wildlife encounters are undenievably the ones that happen in the animal’s natural habitat. For that reason, as animal lovers we just couldn´t miss the opportunity to meet the Australian national icon at Morisset Park.

Located on the western foreshore of beautiful Lake Macquarie on the NSW North Coast, Morisset picnic area is an incredible place to get up close with one of Australia´s original inhabitants.

After an approximately 40 minutes walk, we finally got to the lush grounds where dozens kangaroos grazed peacefully. Surprisingly, the kangaroos were utterly amiably and approachable. These wonderful animals have excellent hearing. As soon as they noticed us opening our carrot bags, they hopped to us at such great speed.

A baby kangaroo greeting us from the pouch of an adult female kangaroo

Did You Know..?



  • It is said this uniquely Australian marsupial first appeared as a symbol of Australia in 1773 with the publication of an account of the Captain Cook’s first voyage to the Pacific Ocean.
  • Apparently, the word Kangaroo was written down for the very first time by this intrepid voyager in 1770.
  • According to San Diego zoo, at birth a baby kangaroo can be as small as a grain of rice.
  • Kangaroos can’t walk backwards.
  • Kangaroos live and travel in organized groups called “mobs”.
  • They can survive long periods without water.
  • Here comes the most amazing fact for me: A female kangaroo can actually determine the sex of her young offspring.


Bear In Mind

Unfortunately, the biggest danger for these cute animals comes from humans. Kangaroos are herbivores which means they eat grasses, flowers, young shoots, leaves, ferns, moss and even insects. So please, do not feed the kangaroos bread, biscuits or the remains of your sandwiches as it isn´t good for their digestive system. These adorable creatures love carrots, apples and bananas in small amounts.

How To Get To Morisset Park

Morisset is located on the south-western side of Lake Macquarie, 112 km north of Sydney via the Newcastle Freeway.

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