Snorkeling In Bora Bora´s Coral Reef

Surrounded by a spectacular fringing reef, the impossibly remote emerald island of Bora Bora is without a doubt one of the world’s best diving destinations.

On a beautiful morning, we left the world behind and set sail to discover the island´s remarkable marine life. With its infinite shades of blue, from the clearest to the deepest, the fabled island´s iconic lagoon is an untouched wildlife sanctuary.

The sense of anticipation grew as we pictured the memorable aquatic adventure, knowing we were just a short boat ride away from some of the most incredible underwater life on our planet. Once we got to the best and least-known snorkeling spot, we impatiently put our flippers and jumped into the water getting lost in the blues, greens and turquoises of the lagoon.

Exploring the depths of the sea at our own pace was truly magical. The extraordinary natural beauty of vividly colored fish and coral truly amazed us, however the real show began when we found ourselves swimming amid sharks and majestic manta rays.


Beneath The Surface

One of the world’s most unique experience can be enjoyed beneath the surface of Bora Bora´s divinely warm water. Imagine the coral reef buzzing with marine life as a sea turtle pass you by unbothered of your presence.

Dipping into the cooler water, we had a close encounter with the famous blacktip reef and lemon sharks as they meandered slowly through the depths.

I particularly remember when suddenly one shark came directly towards me. I must confess I was a little bit impressed at first, but then I felt completely relaxed when I realised they just come in, take a good look at you and just swim away. I truly loved swimming with these sleek and mysterious animals. Despite their bad reputation, these creatures are absolutely harmless.

I didn’t want to emerge from that surreal setting. We took a deep breath and dived down again having  the chance to spot innumerable manta rays gliding effortlessly across the shimmering sea bottom. As soon as we took some bread out of our mesh bags, beautiful tropical fish came in thousands like a magnificent kaleidoscop of colors tickling our bare legs and feet.

Exhilarated by the experience, all I could think about on the cruise back towards our gorgeous hotel was the unimaginable feeling of serenity and freedom that I had while being immersed in the heart of Bora Bora´s multicolored lagoon.

If you visit the dreamy island don´t miss the opportunity to dive into its beautiful underwater realm, I´m sure you will have stories to tell after such an adventure!

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