Cycling Around Bora Bora

Once seen, the coconut-studded island is never forgotten. Bora Bora‘s shaded-tropical gardens and lush tropical slopes magically perfumed by the exotic tiare are ideally experienced by bicicle, giving you the opportunity to create long-lasting memories through authentic experiences.

On the most famous of French Polynesia’s Leeward Islands the air is full of alluring dreaminess. “Scarcely a spot on the universe affords a more luxurious prospect”, legendary Captain James Cook so described Bora Bora, whose real name was Porapora.

Cycling around the idyllic, 32-kilometre-long emerald island was a veritable journey of discovery. Embraced by mana and enveloped by an intoxicating mélange of aromas, sights and colors, we leisurely followed the paved round-island road which skirts the shoreline. As we rode around, we experienced the real magic of this floral paradise. We learnt about the daily life of the naturally friendly and welcoming Bora Borans, experienced the sweet scents and delicious flavors of their ancient methods of cooking, and gained insight into their extraordinarily opulent flora.

Vaitape is the main village of this fragrant paradise. A bustling colourful waterfront town where the rhythm of life is slow and relaxed. We truly loved wandering around the beautiful artisan shops and snapping pictures of glistening mangoes, pineapples and papayas at the fruit stalls. We also took the time to enjoy smooth and sultry dances as our visit to Tahiti and her Island coincided with the famous Heiva competition.


South Vaitape

If you feel adventurous, there is a 1.8 miles track beginning near the exit of Vaitape in the direction of Povai Bay which leads to an spectacular place where you can see the contours of Raiatea and Taha´a on the horizon.

Most of the restaurants and hotels are located on the southern tip of the island. Established in 1979, the world famous Bloody Mary´s is the perfect place to dig your feet in the sand as you sip a smooth cocktail. Such renowned artists as Jimmy Buffet, Julio Iglesias, Steven Bishop, Pierce Brosnan, to name a few, has visited the restaurant.

As for the food, we had the great pleasure of savouring traditional dishes such as poisson cru- fresh fish marinated in lime juice and coconut milk- at local restaurants located at Matira Beach. There, under azure skies, we would spend the hours mingling with locals with a cold Hinano absorbing all the waterfront activities.

North Vaitape

The north of the island is a tranquil haven of lush green vegetation and flamboyant flowers.


Vaitape Sunset

There are many points where you can watch the sun dissolve into the clear Pacific waters. The day of the pictures, we were exhausted after a full day of exploration. I remember taking a seat at the small boat harbor in Vaitape to contemplate the vast expanse of the Blue Pacific. I wished I could suspend time to stand there soaking up that fascinating moment a little bit longer.

We celebrated the end of the day pampering such an extraordinary fish hamburger at the Bora Bora Yatch Club while seeing musicians crooning the most romantic Polynesian songs you could ever imagine.





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