The Opulent Patrika Gate, Jawahar Circle

The newly-created entrance of Jawahar Circle (honoured as the largest circular park all over in Asia) is through the kaleidoscope of the Patrika Gate.

The magnificent pink structure houses a colorful hallway that has certainly become one of the most trending places on Social Media.

Each pillar of Patrika Gate is intricately carved and handpainted with stunning forts, palaces, temples, portraits of Jaipur ruler, and other monuments showing the vibrant culture of Rajasthan, The Land of the Kings.

Surrounded by lush gardens, the beautiful rainbow walkway was the first landmark we visited as it was within a five-minute walk from our hotel, Jaipur Marriott. We decided to stay a couple of days at this luxurious upscale hotel due to its proximity to the opulent Patrika Gate.

We took these pics at sunrise. It was the only moment we had this glorious location all to ourselves. Arriving early gave us the opportunity to take pics with a magical soft golden light.  

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