RakelWho I am?

Hi, I´m Rakel, a Spanish teacher who has the passion of traveling the world.

Inspired by the greatest travelers who crossed the ocean facing the unknown, I have always had the dream of exploring new horizons.

Embark on my vessel and you will discover new lands, different cultures and how to live a life full of adventure.

Where do you live when you are not traveling?

I live with my boyfriend Javi and pets in Bilbao, a cosmopolitan city in the North of Spain. As Bilbainos, we love gastronomy and specially, going for pintxosminiature culinary works of art- with our friends. In Pineappleislands, I will uncover Bilbao´s best secrets so you can appreciate the simple pleasures of this wonderful city.


My Family 

Koby, Javi and me

Here we are with Jazz


What is your favourite travel experience?

I have lots of memorable travel experiences, I couldn´t just pick one. I will never forget our Balinese wedding in a little village called Tegaljaya in Bali. It was one of the most romantic moments in our lives and in Pineappleislands: exploring the world, I will share every single detail of it with you. You may want to have an exotic wedding like us!

As you read my blog, you will see we have an unlimited passion for animals. Whale watching in Gloucester, USA, was such a magical experience as well as riding an elephant and cuddling tigers in Thailand, or having scorpions and snakes all over our bodies in a street show in Tunisia.

whales watchingWe hold deep in our hearts all our friends around the globe. Thanks to all of them we have had the best experiences we could ever imagined. Reading this blog you will learn other cultures through the eyes of the locals.

In Jamaica, for instance, a loving man called Accord, showed us the island, introduced us to his family and friends and prepared traditional dishes especially for us. As a teacher, I had a keen interest in the Jamaican school system and their teaching methods, so meeting a teacher from Ocho Ríos was an amazing experience aswell.

During our trip to Bali, we met Wayan and his family by chance. They invited us to their beautiful house where we learnt the traditional art of making offerings.

We also visited magnificent places off the beaten track, tried traditional Balinese food and had the chance to meet the locals of Keliki town. We will never forget the warm welcome they gave us.




Meeting kangaroos in Australia

Lots of Love from

Javi & Rakel