Hey, I´m Rakel, a Spanish girl who has the passion for traveling the world.

I´m constantly looking for the best spots worldwide seizing every opportunity for adventure!

I have always had a fascination for the British explorer James Cook and everything related to his voyages to the South Pacific.

When I was at university, I decided to sell everything I had in order to follow his path.

In 2015, I met my boyfriend Javi, who also loves discovering new horizons, and decided to travel together. 

Since I started my Instagram account, I have received countless of questions that I would like to answer here.


Where do you live when you are not traveling? 

I live with Javi and my three pets in Bilbao, a cosmopolitan city in the North of Spain. In Pineappleislands, I will uncover Bilbao´s best secrets so you can appreciate the simple pleasures of this wonderful city.

Apart from traveling, do you have other interests?

Yes I do! I love dancing. I have been bellydancing for nearly ten years. I also do hula and Tahitian dances. It´s quite difficult to learn and improve my technique here in Spain, so I often go to Hawaii or the South Pacific to take classes.

Are you sponsored?

 I paid for all my adventures at the beginning. But since I created my Instagram account (@rakel_gd), I have received countless offers to collaborate with hotels, restaurants, clothes brands, etc. A famous travel magazine even offered me to collaborate with them.

How can you afford to travel?

 I´m  a secondary teacher. Here, in Spain, teachers are very well paid and have lots of vacations. As I mentioned in the previous question, I sometimes collaborate with brands or companies to showcase their product, hotel, etc.

Are you a self taught photographer?

Yes, I am. I have never taken a photography course, so I could say I´m a completely self taught photographer. Javi and I are a very well-orchestrated team and we have so much fun creating pics together. Through his support and work, it enables me to be my best self!

In front or behind the lens? What do you prefer?

I personally prefer being part of the creative aspect of photography rather than being the subject of a picture. However, I feel very comfortable when I´m in front. 

How do you take the “Insta worthy” shot?

There is no real trick to it. It’s just a matter of luck. A pic can be taken in a minute or hours depending on multiple factors. 

Best tips to get the perfect insta snap

Be as genuine as possible. Sometimes, the best pics are the most spontaneous ones.

Which cameras do you have?

I currently shoot most of my work with the Sony α6500. I also use an Olympus PEN E-PL8 which is perfect to live a blogger’s lifestyle. For underwater photography, we have a GoPro HERO5. 






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Inspired by James Cook voyages, Rakel decided to travel the world and live a life of adventure. Rakel

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