A Quick Guide to Mallorca

Dreamiest Coves

Caló Des Moro

Surrounded by red hued cliffs and a pine forest, this ridiculously idyllic natural pool was easily our favorite cala- and like all good things in life it required a bit of effort to find (click here to read about our day at Caló Des Moro).

Cala D´or

Up on the rocks, we found the perfect spot in the shade where we ended staying for hours. The calm turquoise water sparkled like nothing else.

Cala Lombards

Located on the southern part of the island, this dreamy cove feels tucked away, unspoiled and intimate.

Cala Pi

With its glowing emerald green water, this romantic bay will take your breath away!

Cutest Village


Sheltered by a dramatic amphitheater of green mountains on the north-west coast of Mallorca, the tiny village of Valdemossa is a peaceful oasis of rustic beauty (click here to read about our visit to this lovely village).

Best Breakfast

La Molienda

We always head to this friendly corner café to enjoy the first meal of the day. The perfect order? Although their egg and avocado toasts are to die for, I find their tomato toasts truly irresistible!

Favorite Restaurants

El Olivo (Belmond La Residencia)

Dining al fresco on gourmet cuisine at El Olivo is like a stepping into a dream.

Romantic Hideaway

Ten Mallorca

The way we fell in love with Ten Mallorca was almost instantly. The family of three who runs this beautiful traditional Mallorcan house have transformed the property into the most romantic 1920´s style boutique hotel in the old-school Mediterranean island (click here to read our full review).

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