A Quick Guide to Formentera

Pleasantly underdeveloped, the tiniest Balearic island of Formentera is a bright, fragranced paradise of cerulean seas and creamy white sand coves. It is warm and sunny. Everything is instantly de-stressing. The deliciously slow pace, the soothing soundtrack of the breaking waves, the underlying mystery, Formentera is pure fantasy, a decadent visual feast.

Go naked, swim, eat, drink, cycle, repeat. Life´s simple here. You don´t have to do anything special. Just take your shoes off and enjoy the island life. When the sun descends into night, the vast sky becomes a magical, fleeting shade of indigo.

The Dreamiest Beach: Ses Illetes

Words cannot describe this porstcard, nofilteredneeded beach. Close to La Savina port, Ses Illetes will make you feel love at first sight. Swimming naked is such an experience. The sea can definitely transform your body and mind.

Best Secluded Cove: Caló Des Mort

With its constellation of crystalline coves, Formentera is a true castaway fantasy. Only 10 km from the tiny capital Sant Francesc Xabier, between Platja des Migjorn and es Ram, you will find one of those places that will leave you breathless. This sheltered little cove is definitely the proof that the Mediterranean paradise still exits.

Best Breakfast: Blat Picat

This delightful road side cafe is the best healthy spot in Formentera. Please, don´t forget to try their homemade cookies. These “to die for” chocolate cookies are beyond delicious!

The Most Romantic Restaurant: A Mi Manera

What makes this restaurant so romantic? Oh, let´s begin. First, as soon as you open its doors, you will realize that you have hit upon a restaurant of uncommon charm. I will never get tired of the gorgeous night-lighting and the beautiful outdoor seating.

Getting Around in Formentera

Although the easiest way to get around the island is by car or scooter, Formentera is an ideal place to explore by bike. The main roads covering the island feature a network of green lanes which are very pleasant to cycle on.

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