Cappadocia Dreaming: The Most romantic Escape In The Midddle East

The idea of stepping back in time and wandering through the land of mystical fairy tale sounded so damn good. Searching for some fresh inspiration, we headed about 450 miles southeast to the captivating region of Cappadocia which had long been high up in our travel to do list.

Located a 90-minute flight from Istanbul, the Land of Beautiful Horses truly delivers an experience to remember. With flavorful cuisine and charming cave hotels, Cappadocia had it all for our next rugged adventure. In this vast region, we truly felt we’ve escaped to somewhere completely different, where we sleep inside cavernous hideaways, venture into the most unusual landscapes, and admire the most breathtaking  sunrises.

Returning home, we realized we had captured not only lovely pictures, but also a lifetime of unforgettable memories.


Formally known as the Monk Valley, Paşabağ is definitely a Turkish´s precious gem. The lunarscape has a mystique and an allure that goes beyond the imagination. Our widely smiling friend Ali highly recommended us to take a camel ride and I have to say, it was absolutely one of the highlights of our trip! On the back of the camel everything looked even more impressive.

We were told the iconic rock formations dotting the landscape are called fairy chimneys because the early inhabitants of Cappadocia believed that these were the chimneys for the fairies who lived under the ground.

Carpets, rugs and rich textiles

One of the reasons I was most excited to travel to this region of Turkey was to see and touch some of the most unique hand-woven textiles on Earth. Goreme and its surroundings have such an incredible selection of Turkish carpets.

We spent a whole morning visiting the most splendid carpet shops in the area. The thrill of haggling for rugs and copper trinkets inside of amazingly beautiful decorated stores was simply indescribable. Thanks god I left room in my suitcase!!

Tribal Collections

We found this cute store near our hotel. The entire side wall draped with vintage rugs in amazingly vivid colors and designs really caught our attention. Once inside, we realized Tribal Collections store was such an irresistible place to while way the hours admiring their vast array of brightly colored carpets.


Galerie Ikman

Visiting this insta-famous carpet store in Goreme was a must-visit for me. Our good friend Ali told us the prices here were much higher than in other shops but we wanted to see it for ourselves. Reminiscent of Aladdin’s cave, Galerie Ikman was my own personal heaven: being surrounded by beautiful carpets, textiles and clothing.

Necati Turhal

We discovered this fabulous store in Nevsehir thanks to Ali, and we loved it immediately! Much of the best spots can be definitely found with the help of a local who’ll give you some tips, and make sure you’re not overcharged.

With everything from artisanal clothing and textiles to exquisitely woven and intricate Turkish carpets, this shop was a dream come true! Over tiny glasses of apple tea, we ended buying some carpets to take back home.The friendly owner told us he was capable of shipping the rugs internationally, but fortunately they could fold up easily and fit inside our hand luggage.


Sunset at Red Valley

Although sunsets may be quite underrated in this fantasy land, we made sure we didn´t miss any! Sitting in comfortable cushions with a refreshing drink in hand, we awaited the magical hour to see the sky turning into beautiful shades of red, pink and gold.


Hot Air Balloon Ride

The spellbinding spectacle of valleys aglow under the first rays of light will linger in our memories forever. Click here to read about our amazing balloon ride with Butterfly Balloons, the best company in Cappadocia.



Sultan Cave Suites

What could be more romantic than sitting on a charming hotel’s terrace to watch as hundreds of colorful hot air balloons fill the morning sky? Click here to read about our magical stay in this unique property.

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