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The best way to appreciate Capri’s dramatic coastline is from your very own boat. Avoid the crowds and enjoy an unforgettable cruise on board a traditional wooden boat known as Gozzo.

You can spend the morning, the afternoon or the whole day relaxing while you soak up the Mediterranean sun or even admire a romantic sunset on your private boat.

We arrived at the charming port of Marina Grande early in the morning. The colorful harbor was full of fisherman houses, souvenir shops and lovely cafes. We lingered over a creamy cappuccino as we watched tourists arriving from Naples and Sorrento on hydrofoils.

We were told by the waiter that those old houses along the port still have the estructure typical of the fishermen of Capri. While the upper level was used as a living space, the lower level was reserved only for boats. It was really interesting to see the close relation of the islanders´with the sea.

After losing ourselves in Capri´s little shops, we made our way to the private pier where our Gozzo was anchored. A spacious sun- deck with comfy cushions and pillows awaited us.

We were given a little guide to appreciate the coast and the history of the Capri Island. The itinerary proposed for the Islands Tour started by the East side of the island and finished by the West.

Sailing around CapriThe skipper told us wonderful stories and legends about the island as we explored the breathtaking coastline at the leisurely pace of the gozzo. Apparently, sirens once inhabited the sea between Capri and the Amalfi sea.

Sailing around the emerald sea of Capri was an unforgettable experience. We went to La Grotta Azurra (the famous Blue Grotto) as well as dozens of other less- known grottos such as Red Grotto, White Grotto,

Green Grotto and the Grotta Meravigliosa. With a clear sky the water can get such an intense blue color. Going through the arch of I Faraglioni was undoubtedly the most thrilling moment of the tour.

Did you know that Dolce & Gabbana’s commercial for the Light Blue perfume was filmed with the enchanting backdrop of the I Faraglioni? Mesmerized by the beauty of these awesome rocks, many artists have used this dramatic setting for their glamorous advertising campaigns.

We did the Island Tour with Capri Relax Tour

                                           PRICE: 150e/ DURATION: 2h



  • During the summer, avoid the crowds setting off either early in the morning or in the late afternoon. Otherwise, you will find a lot of boats sailing around Capri.
  • The Grotta Azurra is not included in the tour. You will have to pay 12e and take one of the small rowing boats to get into it.



Here you have a list of boat companies that will take you to turquoise waters, secluded bays, dozens of grottos and more. Most of the boat companies are located in Via Cristoforo Colombo, opposite the dock.

Capri Sea Service

Capri Relax Boats

Gianni´s Boat

Capri Aboard Boats

Capri Whales di Wendi

Capri Times Boats



If you are travelling on a budget and can´t afford to sail in your own boat, don´t worry. Motoscafisti di Capri offers a trip around the Island of Capri for 17 euros.








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