Snow Storm Blankets New York

Little did we know that we would be facing a massive winter storm during our Christmas trip to New York. Hércules, the first gripping winter storm of 2014, brought record freeze to New York, D.C. and Boston affecting aproximately one-third of the USA as it moved from the Midwest to the East Coast.

We had enjoyed some very pleasant weather for this time of year, especially at Christmas Day and New Year´s Eve. But all of a sudden, everything changed. An unexpected polar vortex was set to hit the Northeast and Midwest with ferocious winds, heavy snow and bitterly cold temperatures.

Overall, the blustering winter storm forced to cancel more than 4.000 flights nationwide leaving thousands of passengers stranded at the airports. Major highways shut down, extensive subway delays, power outages affecting more than 100,000 customers…Hércules wreaked havoc but it also brought out the best in people.

As the saying goes, there´s always calm after the storm and on Friday 3rd January 2014, New York City woke up to a blanket of glistening, powdery snow and brilliantly-blue skies. Santa definitely brought us the best gift we could ever had…the most beautiful day in NYC!


Times Square

With just a few cabs and buses passing by, the iconic NYC location which is usually packed with tourists, was nearly deserted. Never thought we would experience anything like this.

Snow Storm Blankets New York

Snow Storm Blankets New York


Broadway and 52nd Street

Walking through traffic-free streets…



7th Avenue 53rd Street

We were crossing the street when we met across this man using his cross-country skies during his morning commute. It´s quite unsual to see such thing in Spain so I couldn´t help taking some pictures of him to show our family and friends.



Frosty 5th Avenue

Snow Storm Blankets New York


Central Park

Central Park seemed magical after the heavy snowfall. Walking through the park was like entering a winter wonderland with frozen ponds, ice-covered trees,  snowbank-lined sidewalks, kids sliding down snow-covered hills at exhilarating speeds and dogs happily running and rolling around.

Snow Storm Blankets New York

Snow Storm Blankets New York

 Snowmen everywhere

Snow Storm Blankets New York



Brooklyn Bridge & Brooklyn Bridge Park

It was deceptively cold outside. Temperatures plummeted to an unprecedented low and it was hardly impossible to stay outside too long. However, the freezing cold didn´t deter our plans at all. After a hot and creamy cappuccino, we set out to Brooklyn Bridge Park which was absolutely covered in pristine white snow.

Snow Storm Blankets New York

Snow Storm Blankets New York


Snow Storm Blankets New York




All the people who worked non stop to clear from snow the sideways and high priority roadways…You did an amazing job!!

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