Galeries Lafayette at Christmas

During the most magical time of year, the City of Lights certainly lives up to its name. With excitement for the Holiday season, we packed our bags and headed to Paris for a superbly stylish Christmas.

We spent our days walking along the most beautiful Parisian avenues, ice skating with a view of the iconic Eiffel Tower, having creamy, steaming hot chocolates and gingerbread cookies in cosy cafes, and admiring the sublime window displays of the most emblematic department stores.

Paris’ famous boulevard Haussmann turns into an extraordinary light show. With enchanting Christmas window scenes, the internationally renowned setting welcomes the arrival of the holiday season like no other place in the world.

Inside, a fantasy world brimming with glitter and glamour charms visitors from all around the globe. Rising tall at the heart of this luxury department store, an immense Christmas tree makes us regain the child sleeping inside of us.

Anything seems possible at Galeries Lafayette. Every half-hour, the lights of the dome dim creating a unique, magical ambiance. Eyes wide opened, we wandered around and took countless pictures from different angles and perspectives. Every corner was a delightful surprise!

We didn’t miss our chance to walk along the 30-foot-long Glasswork footbridge on the third floor of the store. Suspended 16 metres high in mid-air, we enjoyed an unobstructed view of the giant Christmas tree.

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