Golden Sunset at Poipu Beach- Kauai

Our scape to the Garden Island was exactly what we had always dreamed of: mesmerizing landscapes, lush tropical valleys, emerald mountains, cascading waterfalls, endless sandy beaches and fascinating historic towns. After spending our first day exploring the west side of Kauai, we felt absolutely surrendered to the beauty of the island.

Waymea Canyon and the magnificent views from the Kalalau lookout had left us utterly enraptured however, the best was yet to come…

      Under the Golden Glow of the Sunset

We didn´t have anything planned for the evening so we decided to just go with the flow. I  don´t know how to explain it but something, an energy or so, guided us to Poipu Beach. I might be wrong but I´ve always believed things happen for a reason. Poipu literally means “crashing waves” in Hawaiian. It was the sound of the waves crashing on the shore along with the gentle breeze and the swinging palmtrees that lulled us into a totally relaxed state of mind.

The sky gradually turned from an intense blue into gold casting a bronze glow everywhere around us. The intensity of the colors seemed to be enhanced, magnified like pure magic. Suddenly, I clearly remembered what our Hawaiian friend once told us: “From the moment you step off the plane the magical island of Kauai will eternally capture your soul”. It was so true.

Today, we call Kauai our home. A strong bond was created that day in Poipu under that magic golden glow that totally cleansed our mind, body and soul.


 Dining at Keoki´s Paradise


We finished the day having dinner at Keoki´s Paradise which offered a perfect tropical setting with soft lightning, sweet Hawaiian melodies and refreshing exotic drinks. We were so fortunate to find a table right in front of the band. They performed some of our favorite Hawaiian songs making a very memorable evening for us.


Keoki´s Paradise, Duke´s, Kimo´s, Hula Grill and Leilani´s belongs to the same company “TS Restaurants” so expect to find the famous Hula Pie on the menu!

 Hula Pie has been recognized in Food Network Magazine as Hawaii´s Best Frozen dessert. It´s an absolute local favorite made with macadamia nut ice cream piled high on a chocolate cookie crust and topped with chocolate fudge, whipped cream, and more macadamia nuts. It´s a generous serving so we always share it.

Here you have the recipe so you can enjoy a taste of Hawaii while at home too!








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