Helsinki´s Ice-White Cathedral

It was a cold winter morning when we departured from Tallinn to the delightful Finish capital. The vessel cruised along smoothly through the frozen Baltic Sea and although most of the sun deck was closed because of the ice, there was still a small area outside where we enjoyed the serene beauty of the drift ice glittering as the sun rose.

We had no words to exchange, the multiple hues from white to deep blue were so fascinating that we simply looked to each other with bewilderment and delight. The cold was unbearable but when you see those floating ice sheets stretching to the horizon with the first rays of the sun, you know that it´s well worth the effort.

As you arrive in the bustling harbour, it´s almost imposible not to be blown away by the elegance of Helsinki’s architecture and the majestic greendomed cathedral which dominates the skyline. From the sea, you get a unique perspective of the neoclassical cathedral which is the symbol and the most prominent building in the city.

 Helsinki Lutheran Cathedral 

Located in the beautiful Empire-style Neoclassical downtown area on Senate Square, the impressive Lutheran Cathedral known in Finninsh as Tuomiokirkko, is undoubtedly the most familiar landmark in Helsinki. Bearing the unique hallmark of Carl Ludvig Engel, Helsinki cathedral exudes grandeur and magnificence. At present, it is a remarkable venue for events, concerts and exhibitions.

This excellent architectural masterpiece is even more impressive in winter. If you are fortunate to visit Helsinki during this time of the year, you will find the impossing cathedral covered in a thick layer of snow. The steps which are the finest place to enjoy the views to the habour during the summer, turn into a sledding run where kids and snowboarding enthusiasts have fun.

The entrance to the beautiful white cathedral is on the West side opposite the University Library whereas the entrance to its crypt is on its North side. With a strikingly white interior and clean lines, Helsinki cathedral is a distinctive example of exquisite simplicity.



Unioninkatu 29
FI-00121 Helsinki

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