Rick´s Cafe, Jamaica

Rick´s Cafe is the perfect place to see the magnificent colors of the Jamaican sunset while relaxing with either an exotic cocktail or a cool beer. Resting on the top of the cliffs in Negril, this place is known as one of the 1000 places to go in your lifetime.

Skilled locals make risky dives from the highest platform into the crystalline water, ensuring the thrill of a lifetime. There´s always so much fun going on as you can dive as many times as you want or just chill in one of the pool cabanas. When the sun sets over the ocean, soothing reggae music is played by live bands. This a perfect occasion to meet other people from all around the world and especially to mingle with the locals, which is the best way to experience the true Jamaican culture.

If you aren´t staying in Negril during your holidays, head to the west coast for a day. You will be amazed by miles of pristine sand beaches, endless watersport options and the infinite affordable local restaurants. End the day at the world famous Rick´s Cafe to watch an unforgettable sunset while enjoying extreme cliff jumps display.


Catamaran Cruise & Sunset At Rick´s Cafe

It was time to leave. Two hours had passed since we set the anchor in that idyllic tropical beach of Montego Bay. We had spent such a wonderful time lazing on the sandy beach and snorkeling in the pristine Caribbean waters…but we had to hurry up if we wanted to see the sunset at the famous Rick´s Cafe.

As soon as we set off, the Captain predicted there was a storm coming and gave us clear instructions for handling bad weather in the catamaran. The clear sky turned black in a matter of minutes. We didn’t take it seriously until that moment. The Captain smiled and said: “Put on some reggae music, let´s the party begin!!”. There we were in the middle of the storm singing and dancing to the Reggae beat.

The wind increased and some of us had to help the crew to reef the sails. Rough sea and heavy rain reduced visibility to a great extent…But to our amazement, the sun came out again. The Captain anchoraged and swam ashore together…We had arrived in Negril, a tropical haven of palm trees and luxuriant vegetation!


Jamaican Magical Sunset

At Rick´s Café we had the pleasure to witness a glorious sunset from the cliffs. It was a huge explosion of colors that transformed the sky into a work of art. We were spechless, nothing was more important than the natural spectacle of the sun setting into the ocean. Some of us jumped to the water. The sun reflections turned the turquoise ocean into a golden tone.


How to get to Rick´s Cafe

  • Tours to Negril are arranged in all-inclusive resorts
  • If you´re staying in an all-inclusive resort in Negril, you will be able to take a van with other tourists at a good price.
  • If you prefer to visit Negril on your own, I highly recommend to hire a private driver. As you can read in my post Meet the locals in Jamaica, we met a friendly man called Accord who showed us off-the beaten tracks places. He introduced his loving family to us who kindly prepared a wonderful meal so we could try the traditional Jamaican food. We also met the teacher and the school of a little town near Ocho Ríos. We had the time of our lives mingling with locals, it´s an experience hard to describe.
  • Cars can be rented in all of the major tourist centers. However, driving in Jamaica is not recommended for first time visitors.



The “professional” divers who jump from the highest platform work for tips.

If you dare to jump from the cliffs be warned that is at your very own risk.

This is a major tourist venue so the food and drinks are pricey.


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