Romantic Gypsy Caravan Break- Cabañas en los Árboles, Zeanuri


Ever felt like packing up and roaming around the countryside in a traditional horse-drawn gypsy wagon? Moving from one place to the next, not really belonging anywhere. Nomadic gypsy wagons will always conjure up images of pure escapism. Twinkling lights, fortune tellers, love spells and incantations, encens, smoke, starry skies…

There is an indescriebable sense of wonder I feel whenever I see one of these tiny homes on wheels. With their lace curtains and oriental rugs, Gypsy caravans are absolutely charming. They truly evoke a feeling of untameable wild free-spirit and definitely ooze romance of a time long since forgotten.

My passion for such Bohemian lifestyle led me to Zeanuri, a bucholic town located on the foothills of the mythical mountain top of Gorbea in the Basque Country. Its privileged situation makes Zeanuri an unbeatable place to immerse yourself in nature.

Hidden away in the peaceful the garden of the Caserío Zabizar (Country Farmhouse), lie four enchanting and mysterious gypsy wagons. Running wild and free, we had a romantic party for two in the woods.

Living Room at the Reception Area




Garden Area



Following the narrow path we found our gypsy haven. The warm, sensual aura of strong, fierce and intense colors created such a passionate Bohemian look.


Gypsy Nights

Soon, the sun faded. It was time for frolicking under slight moonlight. Back in the porch, we would while away the hours sharing stories and enjoying the quiet solitude of nature with a pot of brewing tea. Snug and cosy we were, wrapped up in the warmest duvet in our Romany Mykolasak wagon. The crunching of leaves, the decadent aroma of burning wood, the melting snow, our gypsy dreams were coming true



A big basket with our breakfast was placed in our porch the following morning. Everything was utterly delicious!


Cabañas en los Árboles

Price: 79€



The Gypsy Heart

This gypsy heart

just need to wander.

Wander to undiscovered mountains

and caves that gaurd

The mysteries of this world.

I will unturn every stone,

I will walk every unpaved path,

I will dive through the darkest seas

                                       that were only meant for me.

                                                         Chrissie Pinney


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