Solana, Michelin Starred Restaurant in Cantabria, Spain

Overlooking a verdant valley and glancing down the Ason River, Solana restaurant is immediately welcoming with its beautiful outdoor courtyard redolent with flowers.

The peace and tranquillity of the surroundings combined with Ignacio Solana´s enormous talent in the kitchen make this gourmet restaurant unique in Cantabria.

With a minimalist interior, Solana´s dinning room is formal yet relaxed. The impecable service is directed by Ignacio’s sister Inma, accompanied daily by Noelia the second maitre. Together with Ani, the waitress of the house, they provide a delightful environment. 

Tasting Menu

The best way to enjoy Ignacio’s cuisine is trying his tasting menu consisting of 2 appetizers and 7 half-dishes. With a sublime fusion of traditional and modern, he awakened our the five senses with fresh, colourful and exquisitely presented dishes.

As you probably know, bread is an important part of every meal in Spain. I could easily eat an entire bar of bread daily so I was delighted to have a wonderful selection of three breads.


Salmorejo, queso tierno “Las Garmillas”, anchoas y crispys de fresa


Boca-Bits de gamba con brandada de bacalao


Croqueta de jamón Ibérico que le robamos a mi madre

Main dishes

Ajo blanco. Anchoa marinada, crema de quesos, frutas y encurtidos

Tartar de salmón rojo de Alaska, ligeramente ahumado, marinado con aguacate y helado de pepino e hinojo

This deliciously executed dish was absolutely my favourite. The Alaskan salmon tartar with fennel and cucumber ice cream was carefully served with liquid nitrogen which created a dramatic fog effect.


Papada de pío negro, cola de cigala a la plancha y “aire” de soja

Guiso de pochas frescas “al estilo Navarro”

Salmonete de roca con “meunière de sus cabezas y gambas”


Pichón de Araiz en dos cocciones, fideos uddon y apio-nabo



“Huevo del Corral”

What pretended to be an egg was in fact a crunchy eggshell made of cocoa butter with delicious coconut ice-cream inside.


Tarta de manzana “actualizada”

Ignacio adds a modern touch to the traditional apple pie with a surprising and refreshing result.

Surprising Finale

Unexpected treat: a shot of  “arroz con leche” (Spanish rice pudding), gummy gin & tonic candy and a dark chocolate cookie. The gummy cube was specially refreshing, I really loved it!


Price per person: 60 E

Restaurante Solana

La Bien Aparecida Nº11
Ampuero (Cantabria)

Tel. 942-676718

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