Viva Las Vegas

Nestled in a desert valley surrounded by eight mountain ranges, Las Vegas is a neon wonderland not only famous for its talented Elvis impersonators and drive-through weddings, but also for the high-rolling casinos and entertainment complexes that line the infamous Las Vegas Boulevard, otherwise known as The Strip.

There´s never a dull moment in the gaming capital of the world. We tried our luck at the world’s largest casinos, marveled at the croupiers’ skills, experienced thrilling panoramic views, catched a show and soaked up the sun at lagoon-colored pools with a cocktail or two.

The Strip

As most hotels are major tourist attractions, we spent the first days walking up and down along the famous four-mile  stretch called The Strip. It is said that Las Vegas is the brightest spot on earth when seen from space, and it´s must be absolutely true. 

When the sun sets behind the desert mountains, the magic begins. The bright lights of the extravagant-yet-chic hotels and glittering casinos dazzle the dark sky giving you the impression of being in a world of fantasy and extravagance.


The Bellaggio 

Most of the hotels offer some kind of free entertainment in order to attract visitors. The Bellagio Fountains Water Show is certainly one of the best.

Caesar Palace

The Greco-Romanesque Caesar Palace has been a luxury icon since 1966. The resort became the regular haunt for the Rat Pack and has had links with the mobs ever since it opened its doors. If you want to relive the glamor of old Vegas don’t miss the opportunity to pay this truly historic hotel a visit.

Le Venetian

The Venetian artfully recreates the romance of the City Of Water. Take a serene gondola ride to relax for a while after a busy day exploring The Strip.

MGM Grand & Casino

Did you know the MGM Grand is the world´s third largest hotel? With the iconic MGM lion overlooking The Strip, the gigantic resort has endless entertaintment on offer.

Paris Hotel

With a half size Eiffel Tower replica and Montgolfier balloon sign, the Paris Hotel effortlessly transports visitors to the romantic French capital.

Flamingo Hotel

We lost a few dollars at The Flamingo, the third resort ever built on Las Vegas Strip. It’s may not be the classiest hotel, but its retro charm absolutely captivated me.

On December 26, 1946, the infamous mobster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel opened the pink Flamingo Hotel & Casino at the total cost of $6 million igniting an era of glamour, gambling and gangsters in Nevada‘s vast desert.


New York-New York Hotel

Visually stunning, the New York-New York Hotel has been designed with the Big Apple in mind. Make sure you hop aboard the world’s first roaller coaster to feature a 180-degree “heartline” twist and dive maneuver.


Mandalay Bay

I absolutely loved our stay at the Mandalay. Our suite was gorgeous with floor-to-ceiling windows and a spacious living room. The Mandalay Bay definitely features one of the best pool scenes in Vegas with a 1.6-million gallon Wave Pool, a quarter-mile Lazy River and a real sand beach.


 The Stratosphere Tower

The 350-metre high tower offers crazy great views over the city.

Fremont Street

The real heart of the Sin City is definitely around Fremont St. It really reminded me of those days when Vegas was dangerous and the Rat Pack was there hanging out.

Red Rock Canyon

The perfect vacation in Vegas combines a surprising number of attractions like fine dining, shopping at the best upscale stores and boutiques, and some adventure. For that reason, we hopped in the car for a 20-minute drive west into the nearly 200,000-acre desert Red Rock canyon.

With more than 30 miles of hiking trails and rock climbing, Red Rock Canyon will delight you with its impressive red sandstone peaks and vast stark beauty.




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