6 Unique & Awesome Beaches in Cantabria, Spain

There are many reasons why you should choose Cantabria for your next vacations. Apart from its dramatic scenery, lush landscapes, iconic mountain backdrop, glorious golden beaches, culinary delights and beguiling cities such as Santander, this province is also ideal for combining with some other favorite destinations like Asturias or the Basque Country.

Here, it´s a selection of my favorite beaches in the coast of Cantabria, beaches that once visited will intensely lure you to return



The awe-inspiring beauty of this beach makes it one of the most visited beaches in Cantabria. Expect to lose all sense of time in the most extensive sandbars of the Cantabrian coast. With a length of 6000 meters, Trengandin is truly magical. This dreamy, ethereal and almost surreal rocky beach is absolutely stunning as the sun heats the Cantabrian Sea with its softly morning rays.

Trenganding beach is located in the coastal town of Noja. The drive takes approximately 45 minutes from Bilbao or 25 from Santander.


El Brusco

The final part of Trengandin Beach is called El Brusco. Follow the narrow path flooded with vegetation at the food of Mount El Brusco and you´ll have breathtaking views of Noja and Berria (Santoña) from the top.


Showcasing numerous private homes, beachside resorts and apartments which cater for all budgets, a visit to Ris Beach is absolutely a must. From surf aficionados to relaxed sunbaker, Ris definitely suites everyone.

Head to this beach to catch some waves, enjoy a leisurely kayak, stand up paddle board or just to embrace the relaxed, casual and laid back atmosphere. I´m a huge fan of La Cabaña beach bar. As the sun sets, I love to have a cocktail there before heading to the town´s famous nightlife. 


Los Acantilados – the cliffs in Spanish- are definitely a little peace of heaven where you can relax, smell the salt and feel the ocean breeze. Small and intimate, each little cala (beach) in the cliffs is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. I love coming here with Jazz. It´s the place where he enjoys the sand and has fun playing and chasing his friends.


LANGRE BEACH (Ribamontán Al Mar) 

A favourite among surfers, this perfect deserted beach is a real paradise and one of the most beautiful settings in Cantabria. The area of Langre is an awesome spot to park your campervan for a while and enjoy the most fascinating views Cantabria has to offer. Langre Beach is about a 30km drive from Santander.


Simply known as Playa de Liencres,  this gorgeous beach is dominated by golden dunes and maritime pine forests. Due to its variety of waves and windy conditions, Valdearenas is a real paradise for surfers.


Quieter and less crowded than the rest of El Sardinero beaches, Mataleñas is a hidden gem, a peaceful cove I truly adore. The pretty little 200-m long beach located north of El Sardinero offers splendid views of Cabo Menor. Follow the path and you´ll reach the imposing Cabo Mayor Lighthouse, erected in 1930.

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