La Viña del Ensanche Bar & Restaurant, Bilbao

Dating back to 1927 and run by the third generation of the same family,  La Viña del Ensanche on Calle Diputación is a classic, a historic  institution that specialises in acorn-fern ibérico hams from Joselito –  a gastronomic jewel only served in the most prestigious restaurants and sold in delicatessen stores.

Still retaining its original furniture, La Viña del Ensanche reminds of the typical Spanish taverns of old days. With its wooden interiors, sparkling hams hanging from the ceiling and pleasantly bustling atmosphere, La Viña is the perfect place to immerse yourself in Spain´s most traditional social ritual, the Tapeo. Apart from delicious tapas and pintxos, this rustic tavern offers a tasting menu which is literally to die for!

Josellini gratin on crystal bread & Mini skillet of eggs, foie, mushrooms and mashed potatoes



Joselito Iberian Cured Ham with tomato, virgin olive oil and oven baked ciabatta/ Joselito Ham Croquettes

Josellinis au gratin (Iberian loin, melted cheese and foie on crystal bread)

Marinated Bluefin tuna served with shusi rice



Grilled cod with roasted peppers

Joselito Iberian pork cheeks with mashed potato



Delicate creme broulee with cheese ice cream

Assortment of home-made chocolates & surprises

Price: 30E per person (taxes and beverages not included)


Apart from the bar, La Viña del Ensanche has a cozy, intime room called El Tallerworkshop in Spanish- prepared with showcooking where guests can delight their palates with the Gastronomic Menu consisting of five dishes and two desserts, all accompanied by the best selection of wines. Price50E per person (taxes includes), beverage not included.

Foie Grass con Manzana

Verduras Asadas

Arroz Caldoso con Txipirón





On special occasions, when celebrating an anniversary dinner or a night tapas party with friends at home, I head to La Viña Gourmet Store, browse through their curated selection of products and buy some of their classic recipes. The Iberian ham or codfish croquettes are simply sublime!

La Viña del Ensanche

10 Diputación Street

Tel: 944 155 625


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