Balinese Women´s Alluring Elegance



Whether they are making beautiful canang sari offerings, attending a ceremony or carrying a large hand-woven basket on their heads, Balinese women always look absolutely radiant and feminine.

Even sitting side- saddle on the back of a motorbike with their long, silky black hair blowing in the wind, they exude an undescribable sence of elegance and grace.

In their daily living, Balinese women wear beautiful kebaya (blouse) paired with colorful kamen (sarong) that accentuate the contours of their body and enhance their natural beauty.

However, despite these sensual apparels, they have a special allure that can be found in their delicate movements, gentle smile and  loving nature.

As we wandered around the Monkey Forest in Ubud, we came accross a procession of women of all ages going to a cremation ceremony. Wearing white blouses embelleshed with brocade and floral pattern embroidery, sultry sarongs and golden sashs around the waist, they utterly enthralled everyone with their unique charm.





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