Paradise found: Hong Island, Thailand

Having Hong Island all to ourselves felt like a dream. Surrounded by towering limestones and luscious vegetation, the half-circled shaped island became our serene hideaway in the Andaman sea.

The untamed natural beauty of the island exquisitely unfolded before our eyes as we approached from the sea. At first glance, Hong Island had all the elements of an exotic paradise: The emerald waters, the lush jungle foliage, the pearly white sand beach, the whistling breeze…

We swam with lively shoals of multi-hued fish, basked in the golden sun, soaked up the alluring sights and took our beloved siesta under the shade of a tree. My dreams of seclusion and mysticism turned into reality on that virgin island in Krabi province .

Hidden Lagoon

A magnificent emerald lagoon lies in the heart of the island. Enclosed by sheer limestone cliffs, The Chamber (the way Thais call it) is only accessible through a dramatic passage which makes the whole experience absolutely unique.

Words fall short to describe the incomparable beauty of the secret lagoon. The sense of peace and tranquility the natural pool emanates is truly overwhelming. Not a sound, not a person in sight, just nature and us.


How to get to Hong Island

This heavenly island can be reached whithin 20 minutes from Ao Nang by speedboat, or 45 minutes by longtail. Numerous tours include Hong Island in their Krabi islands trip packages.  “Hong Island +4 Islands Tour” which is a very popular one, allows you to visit five gorgeous islands in a single day.

For an unforgettable experience, hire your own boat and visit the island a little bit late so you can have all that magic scenery just to yourself.

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