El Perro Y La Galleta-One of the most Instagrammable restaurants in Madrid


A quaint new food haunt has opened in the chic Salamanca neighborhood with an intriguing décor that’s as beautiful as the dishes on the menu. Located opposite El Retiro Park, El Perro Y La Galleta, which literally means “The Dog & The Cookie“, is the second restaurant by Carlos Moreno Fontaneda, descended from the family that founded the traditional María Fontaneda cookies so much beloved by generations of Spaniards.

Wonderful neo-victorian vibe, floor-to-ceiling windows, rustic wooden tables, doggy portraits, vintage radios and telephones… The creative interiors are incredibly hard to resist posting and definitely make the wildly popular El Perro y La Galleta an Instagram gold mine. Even Hollywood stars like Pierce Brosnan have been seen here enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.

We could probably spend hours in this gorgeous, can’t-miss gem. We love stopping by for their signature biscuit-based desserts after a long day shopping. Apart from the treats, which honestly, are pure temptation, the thing I absolutely adore about this place is that the team makes you truly feel like your furry friend is just as welcome as you are!


Not only is it one the most Instagram-worthy of places to eat in the Spanish capital but the menu is full of fresh and flavorful dishes. The soft-lighting, the impeccable plating and excellent service make dining here a truly delightful experience.

The last time we visited El Perro y La Galleta, Javi opted for the succulent American Angus 220grs Hamburger which came with fried egg, caramelized onion, bacon and chips in Ciabatta bread while I went for the Beef Steak Tartar with thin chips. It was all simple and glorious!!


Calle Claudio Coello 1
Tel. 606 82 24 21
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