Hidden Gem in the North of Spain

When I was six years old, my parents bought a summer house in a charming seaside town called Noja.

Although it consisted solely of a main street, a little square, a couple of restaurants, a picturesque church and a magnificent palace, the striking natural beauty of Noja enticed us to make this place our second home.

The nearby mountains invited to explore, the golden sandy beaches waited to be discovered and the mesmerizing cliffs longed for being captured by our cameras. It was truly a slice of heaven away from the hussle and bustle of the city.

In recent years, this hidden gem in the alluring Cantabrian Coast  has become particularly popular among holiday-makers. Countless resorts and appartments have sprung up along the shore in order to offer visitors a glimpse of the captivating scenery.

Despite its loss of enchantment, pristine little beaches like the one above are still unknown for many. If you come out of season, you can find me contemplating the horizon remisnicing the good old days.


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