Walking from Imerovigli to Oia

Javi was having breakfast at the pool lounge as I enjoyed a morning swim at the gorgeous cliff-top infinite pool that seemed to extend endlessly into the sea. Nestled amidst the magnificent volcanic landscape in Imerovigli, the hotel offered breathtaking views to the Caldera.

Javi came with a towel.”Your breakfast is ready, come on, it´s going to get cold” he said. I didn´t want to get out of the cristal-like dazzling waters but the bountiful breakfast looked delicious. He gazed then into the distant horizon and said: “Why don´t we go for a walk along the Caldera?”

   Hiking To Oia

The hike from Imerovigli to Oia takes about 2 hours and a half depending on your hiking speed. It is recommendable to take plenty of water, sunscreen and a hat to protect you from the sun.

Although we both wore flip-flops during the trail, it is preferable to wear appropriate footwear that provides comfort and proper support for the feet.

Make sure you set off early in the morning to avoid the big heat or in the evening so you can get in time for the famous crimson sunset in Oia.

Walking from Imerovigli to OiaWe started walking along the scenic trail. We had no intention of reaching the gleaming white village of Oia that could be seen in the far distant, nevertheless the more we hiked, the more mesmerized we were by the beauty of the dramatic landscape. Soon we realized we wanted to keep on going till the end…

 We passed a handful of exclusive luxury resorts which boasted unrivalled views of the sapphire Aegean sea and suddenly, the beautifully cobbled old track came to an end. From this moment on, we followed an asphalted path that would lead to Profitis Ilias blue domed chapel, a truly hidden gem located at 340 meters above the sea. This is a wonderful opportunity to rest in the shadow of the pine tres.

Profitis Ilias Chapel

Profitis Ilias is an idyllic setting for an intimate and romantic wedding ceremony in the spellbinding island of Santorini. The landscape, the breathtaking views of the Caldera and the serenity of the place, makes this traditional white and blue chapel the perfect venue for a wedding or an event to be share with your loved ones.

The chapel was enveloped in fascinating beauty and mystery. We took our time to enjoy the tranquility and the calming aura of the place. Then, we followed the road sign showing the way to Oia and the landscape became wild.

 A Handy Cantina

A little bit further, we reached the road. Like a mirage, a small cantina appeared in front of our eyes. Relaxing in the shade with a cold local beer was a simple but priceless moment. After restoring our energy, we followed the trail again. Climbing the famous Mavro Vouno (Black Mountain) was a little bit strenuous but the views from its vertiginous cliffs were unique and invaluable.

  Stavos Church

From the arch of Stavos Church we felt as if we had the island to ourselves! Being at the top of the mountain surrounded by unsurpassed beauty was an experience that can´t be described in mere words.

It´s incredible how the sheer force of nature created such a fascinating island. In fact, one of the largest volcano eruptions of the last ten thousand years occurred on the island of Santorini.Thirassia, Aspronisi, Santorini, Palia and Nea Kameni are remnants of the ancient Strogili island.

Reaching Oia

From the magical Stavros Church, the startling sugar-cubes houses and the neat blue domed churches of Oia seemed so near. As we descended, we came across volcanic rocks standing like statues and another beautiful church. Later on, we arrived in the small village of Finikia. Don´t miss the opportunity to dine at Santorini Mou Tavern, you won´t regret it!


Pelekanos Restaurant-Café Bar

Once in Oia, we treated ourselves to a couple of cold beers at Pelekanos. It was so pleasant to sit on the open-air rooftop feeling the gentle breeze as we gaze at the  magnificent views over Oia and the Cobalt Aegean sea. I highly recommend trying their delicious french fries!

Pelekanos Restaurant: Main pedestrian, Oia center.

Tel: 2286071553

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