Koh Phi Phi- Outstandingly Beautiful Tropical Islands

The emerald Andaman sea will definitely tempt you to make island hopping your daily routine. With hundred of strikingly beautiful islands scattered like a string of gemstones across its tranquil waters, choosing the right one to visit will be the only difficult decision you will find.


Phi Phi Don

There ‘s something surreal about this island that somehow certain other islands lack. The romantic wilderness, the dazzling white sand beaches, the dramatic limestone cliffs, and the idyllic hillside scenery certainly help mantain its away-from-it-all charm. If it wasn’t for the hordes of tourists that wander its shores everyday, the island would be the perfect place to be shipwrecked.

Almost entirely rebuilt after the tsunami devastated it, the laid-back Phi Phi Don is deservedly popular, however if you avoid certain places, you can still find your perfect slice of paradise. As solitude seekers, we scaped the crowds and sought out the quieter corners. I remember spending our days roaming the rugged jungle-clad island, swimming amidst swirling hues, and having siestas in swaying hammocks as the clear sea lapped at the shore.

In order to find seclusion, we avoided Ton Sai area as much as possible. It´s right there, in this narrow sandy isthmus that joins the two hillier parts of the island, where all the infamous party action is.


Phi Phi Leh

Enclosed by sheer limestone walls, Phi Phi Leh casts a siren-like spell over travellers with its crystal clear emerald waters and splendid coral formations. The uninhabited island was chosen to portray the secret paradise in the film The Beach featuring the young Leonardo Dicaprio.

When the sun begins to set, the island becomes an untouched solitude. Imagine taking a dip as the sky transformed from peach to mauve. Oh God, we couldn´t believe our luck. There we were, swimming all alone in the blue lagoon amid shoals of rainbow coloured fish. Once at the beach, we sat for a while on the silky sand to see the sun sink into the horizon.



Relax Beach Resort

Located on the untouched east side of Phi Phi Don, the secluded and peaceful Relax Beach Resort was an invitation to relax and recharge. Shrouded in foliage and shaded by coconut palms, our beachfront Bungalow, made in natural wooden materials, provided direct views of the turquoise ocean.


Relax Beach Resort

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