The Top Things to Do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is definitely the perfect addition to a China itinerary. Surrounded by the South China Sea, the cosmopolitan city impresses with its perfect harmony between old and new, east and west. The sprawling city is as overwhelming as ever. From the first moment, we were taken by the city´s unique landscape, inspirational streets markets, top international galleries, stellar shopping, eclectic food scene and dynamic nightlife.

Must-dos include embarking on a Star Ferry between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, watching the Symphony of Light (world’s largest permanent light and sound show), taking the longest outdoor escalator system and visiting the Temple Street night market for the best souvenirs. Apart from these can´t-miss experiences, let me recommend you a few more so you can enjoy this mega-metropolis to the fullest.

Tian Tan Buddha

A visit to the 112 foot tall Tian Tan Buddhaa should be definitely included in your trip to Hong Kong. Although it´s the hazy atmosphere what makes this magical scenery utterly sublime, on a clear day, you can see as far as Macau from the top. Meaning “Precious Lotus” (this delicate flower is a symbol in Buddhism), the nearby Po Lin monastery serves delicious vegetarian food with magnificent views.

Tian Tan Buddhaa is located in the city´s largest island, the sparsely populated Lantau. To get to this verdant enclave you have to take the Ngong Ping Cable Car which scales 7.5km of ropeway, the longest bi-cable ropeway in Asia.




I thought I was prepared for the visual chaos of Kowloon, but sincerely, I have to admit that I wasn’t. The moment you step out of the metro, your adventure begins. Although this densely populated area can be quite stressing, the truth is that I was utterly fascinated by the impressive urban landscape.


Located in Diamond Hill, this beautiful Buddhist temple perfectly combines splendid architecture, exquisite bonsai gardens and magical lotus ponds.


Looking like an imperial palace, Jumbo Kingdom is one of the world’s largest floating restaurant. Celebrities like Queen Elizabeth II, Tom Cruise and Chow Yun Fat have visited the three-storied floating extravaganza. Free transport is provided for diners from the pier for on aberdeen promenade.



A tram ride up Victoria Peak is another experience that shouldn´t be missed. Having the chance of admiring the magnificent night scenery of the city from high up above is truly unforgettable. The neon city of Hong Kong will leave you speechless with its terrific skyline.



Located at the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, the Avenue of Stars was opened in 2004 in order to honor the professionals who contributed to the development of Hong Kong´s film industry. Did you know Hong Kong is one of the world’s major film exporters and producers? Walking along the 400 metre-long  waterfront promenade, visitors can find over 100 commemorative plaques with handprints and autographs of Hong Kong´s most acclaimed celebrities.

An impressive statue of Jeet Kune Do legend Bruce Lee is a major attraction at the Avenue of Stars. The 2.5 meter tall bronze statue, unveiled on Lee´s 65th birthday, strikes a pose from the 1972 classic Fist of Fury. This is a popular spot for fans and Kung Fu lovers who come around the world to pay tribute to the cinema´s first martial arts hero.

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