Ladurée Paris: Dream Patisserie

Among our most distinguished and memorable experiences in Paris has always been Ladurée. Whether it was a picnic by the Seine with a promising assortment of divine pastel pastries, a delectable break from shopping, or a champagne afternoon tea the gourmet bakery has always been a part of our Parisian experience.

Once just a little tea room on the rue Royale, the haute French patisserie Ladurée is a Parisian institution dating back to the mid-1800s. The venerable patisserie and tearoom offers irresistible culinary delights in a setting inspired by historic France.

According to the famously personable president of Ladurée, David Holder, is not just about pastry, it is an Art de vivre(the French Art of Living). Everything about the brand is exceptionally feminine and delicate.

Green has symbolized Ladurée since 1962. It is the colour of nature, femininity, sweetness, and hope.

What Luxury Tastes Like

On our last trip, we had the privilege of staying at one the most exquisite hotels in the French capital. We knew fore sure we would feel lazy to go out from our amazing suite, so we decided to get some iconic light pistachio green boxes filled with our favorite treats from the upscale Parisian bakery to have them in the comfort of our room.

We really couldn´t think of anything else that says “Je t’aims” more than the inimitable Macarons. The magic certainly lies in their large range of exquisite flavors from classic (subtle orange blossom, sweet pistachio, rose petal, chocolate, vanilla and salted caramel) to more creative ones like blackcurrant violet, iced mint, passion fruit and chestnut.

The story of these little round cakes begins in 1930 when Pierre Desfontaines combined two delicate biscuits with a delicious ganache filling. Since then, the recipe has not changed. With tempting pastel colors, delicate flavors and perfect texture, these bite sized delights may be impossible to resist!

Soft and crunchy, these petite saucers sandwiched together with jelly or ganache fillings were the perfect accompaniment to the most magical weekend in the City of Love. To top it off, we paired them with Champagne Rose Ladurée to instantly feel like an ultimate Parisienne!

Ladurée at Champ Elysées

Although we love starting our days with a petit déjeuner in bed overlooking the lovely Parisian rooftops when in Paris, on our last day, we ventured out of the hotel desperate to discover more of Ladurée´s sugary sensations.

We had a true Marie Antoinette moment indulging their decadent confections on the most beautiful avenue in the world, the avenue des Champs-Elysées. Decorated with a timeless elegance, the high-art Parisian cookie palace Ladurée is a haven of pleasure and refinement designed to evoke a dream, a fantasy world in which everything is possible.

On this occasion, I opted for the edible masterpiece called Ispahan: A rose flavoured macaron filled with rose petal and lychee cream, embellished with fresh raspberries. Immediately eye-catching with its bright pink hue, this culinary creation tastes just as perfect (and indulgent) as it looks!


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