Lake Bled- Slovenia

The immense beauty of Lake Bled is indescribable. Formed through the recession of the Bohinj glacier, the placid emerald-green lake is one of the premier attractions in Slovenia.

In winter, the lake is even more magical. The mist over the lake and the Church of the Assumption of Mary, the snow-bound castle perched on a cliff and the snow-capped Julian Alps reflected on the water, make Bled such an idyllic alpine gem in Europe. Located a short distance away from the capital, Bled is the perfect setting for a romantic getaway.

Cruising to the tear-shaped island that sits in the middle of the shimmering lake is an essential experience in Bled. You can rent a rowing boat or take the traditional Pletna, a large wooden boat that resembles an Italian gondola. You will be delighted with the serenity and the magnificent scenery of the place. Gracious swans and ducks peacefully swim in the lake offering a picture-postcard landscape.

Once you disembark on the island, climb the 99 stairs to the Church of the Assumption of Mary and ring the wishing bell to see all your dreams fulfilled. The tradition says that the groom who successfully carries his bride up the steps will have a long a happy marriage.

When the lake freezes over in winter, the Slovenian Alpine lake turns into an absolutely magical ice rink. During the summer months, it is possible to swim in a large area beneath the castle. Pletna piers are located near the Spa Park, under the Park hotel Bled, in the picturesque lakeside village of Mlino and in Velika Zaka. The ride to the island costs 12 euro. Rowing boats can be rented from the Castle Baths or, if you prefer, from the Pension Pletna in Mlino.

Bled Castle

Perched on top of rocky hill, the oldest medieval castle in Slovenia, traces its history back to 1004. In the upper courtyard, there is a tiny frescoed chapel and a small museum that houses a permanent exhibition on the history of Bled. The castle terraces offer the finest view of the lake, the island and Gorenjska region. During the summer months, visitors can enjoy the famous archery tournament and concerts under a starry night.

There are three different trails to reach the castle. The first trail starts from the car park situated behind the Bledec Hostel. The second path considered the most strenuous one, starts from the Castle Baths, just below the magnificent castle rock. And finally, the third trail can be found near the Parish church of St. Martin.

Velika Osojnica Peak

Velika Osojnica, a 756-metre high peak at the southwest corner of Lake Bled, offers the most incredible views you could ever imagine. The hike is very pleasant and well waymarked. You can take the trail from Velika Zaka to Mala Osojnika.


Lake Bled accommodation

Bled has many type of accommodation, from alpine appartments, cute B&B, lovely hostels and campsites, to luxury lakeside hotels such as the renowned Grand Hotel Topic. We opted for a smaller-scale place like the Alp Penzion where we experienced all the comforts and pleasure of home in an absolutely beautiful setting.

This rural retreat offered an intimate and relaxed atmosphere as well as special offers in their wellness center that made our stay memorable. Savoring home-cooked meals in the restaurant was an excellent chance to discover new flavors and traditional recipes from Slovenia.

Bled traditional cream cake

Kremsnita, the symbol of Bled´s cuisine, is a vanilla and custard cream cake with protected designation of origin. This delicate dessert was invented by the head chef of Park Hotel, Istvan Lukacevic, in 1953. Since then, the Park hotel has produced over 12 million original cream cakes exclusively made from natural ingredients.



























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