Mykonos In March

Mykonos is exquisite, sublime, cool, relaxing, a white washed slice of heaven– pure joy. Renowned for its decadent, sunrise parties, designer boutiques, trendy art galleries, classsy restaurants and luxurious hotels, the smallest island of the Cyclades is definitely the epitome of style. Its bohemian allure and ethereal beauty has inspired many artists, poets and writers over the decades.

Can you imagine having this sophisticated island all to yourself?

The Mykonos of spring isn’t the same Mykonos of summer. Without the regular invasion of cruise ship day-trippers, the “Island Of Winds” has a relaxed and blissful rythm in March. It´s absolutely impossible to resist the charm of the island in this particular month. Sleepy and silent, the most multicultural island of Greece is truly an oasis of peace and serenity. For those, like us, wanting to meet the other unseen face of Mykonos, spring is definitely the time to go.


Mykonos Harbor

During the crazy summer months, small fishing boats lie side by side with luxurious and glamurous yatchs in the old harbor of Mykonos. In March, it looks rather different. The endless blue green waters, the breeze, the birds, the authentic beauty of the small harbor is revealed.

The pedestrian promenade that runs around the old port is lined with lovely cafes and restaurants. I still feel the nostalgia of those wonderful days when we used to have delightful meals while overlooking the picturesque harbor and its fishing boats. No hurries, no worries, just the restless sun, the refreshing breeze and the entire island for the two of us!


Mykonos Town-Hora

Meandering through the streets with not a soul in sight was like a dream. Imagine stark white squares,  sugar cube houses, brightly painted balconies and doors, and cascades of bursting-purple geraniums.

Mykonos is a gorgeous maze of exclusive boutiques and jewellery stores. Although most of them were close, we had smaller boutiques all to ourselves where I purchased beautiful made dresses and a kafkan.

I remember stumbling upon a lovely shop selling homemade wood lanterns as we wounded our way down towards the waterfront. Suddenly, we were hit by the aroma of freshly baked “tsoureki” sweet bread. Ahh, that smell was utterly divine.

Following that sweet fragrance, we came across a cozy bakery selling a wide selection of irresistible treats. We could not resist the temptation and ended up savoring some delicious Koulores (Easter bread coils). Then, we joined the locals at a lovely church late in the afternoon which became such a remarkable experience.

We even had the opportunity to share some moments with Petros, the official mascot of the sun- drenched island of Mykonos. According to a legend, a white pelican flew from mainland Greece to Mykonos during a fierce storm. The lovely bird was found terribly injured by a local fisherman who nursed it back to health. Island residents grew fond of the pelican and named it Petros (Peter).

Unfortunately, the beloved pelican died in 1986. The people of Mykonos brought his successor giving him the same name. Another legend mantains that Jackie Kennedy donated another pelican bird named Irene. Today, there are at least three pelicans on the island that can be easily spotted wandering around.

Aroma Cafe-Bar

Located right in the center of Hora, Aroma Cafe-Bar is the perfect place to enjoy a hearty breakfast, delicious coffee, fresh juices  and, of course, the first cocktail of the evening.

The Towering Mill

The views of Mykonos Town from this lonely mill are an absolute must.

Church of Panagia Paraportiani

Recognized as a national cultural monument, the beautiful church complex of Panagia Paraportiani is absolutely worth visiting. The church stands magically by the sea at the neighborhood of Kastro. The church, which dates back to the sixteenth century, is a splendid example of Cycladic architecture. Its name means “our lady of the back gate” named after the secondary entrance of the walls of the long gone venetian fortress.

Little Venice

Reminiscent of the Venetian homes in Italy, the rows of fishing houses literally looming the sea originally belonged to rich merchants or captains in the 1700’s.  Little Venice, located on the west side of Hora, is definitely one of the most romantic corners of the island. We took a seat in a cozy tavern where the soundtrack of our meal was the turquoise water lapping at wooden balconies hanging over the sea.


Ancient Windmills

Known as Kato Myloi (lower mills), the windmills stand in a row on a hill overlooking the sea. The iconic windmills were built by the Venetians in the 16th century to mill flour.


Nice ‘n Easy

Tucked under the famous 5 windmills of Mykonos Town, this lovely restaurant offers tempting top-quality dishes. The menu is filled with nutritious organic dishes scented with herbs picked directly from their own garden.

When The Night Falls

What better way to bid farewell to the day than sitting on a comfy sofa with a cocktail in hand?


Limnios Tavern

The highlight of our trip was the discovery of this hidden tavern in Agios Stefanos. Highly reccommended by the concierge of our hotel, Limnios Tavern happened to be a wonderful surprise. The restaurant’s lamb chops were absolutely to die for!!

Roca Cookery Restaurant

Roca Cookery is an idyllic setting for dinner. With incredible panoramic ocean views, the white dining room serves-up the most delectable dishes you can imagine.


Captain´s Restaurant

Another memorable dining experience was at Captain´s. Fresh fish and good local produce are its forte. We loved the perfectly grilled calamari and the lively, friendly atmosphere.


Rocabella Mykonos Art Hotel & Spa

Rocabella Mykonos Art Hotel & Spa became our Grecian getaway dream. Bathed in that amazing rose- gold  Mykonian light, we would while away the hours relaxing in the temperature- controlled plunge pool of our suite. At night, we did just the same but under a truly amazing sky, glittering with myriad stars. Click here to read about our stay at Rocabella.


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