Angelina Paris

The name Angelina evokes images of rich, extra-thick old fashioned hot chocolate “l’Africain” with a serving of fresh whipped cream on the side. Of course, It’s quite impossible to imagine sipping it without their signature pastry known as Mont Blanc. 

Founded in 1903, this famous salon de thé on Rue du Rivoli is a chocolate lovers haven in the middle of chic Paris. Originally, the century-old tearoom opened as Rumpelmeyer. However, the Austrian confectioner Antoine Rumpelmeyer changed the name to that of his daughter-in-law, Angelina, in 1930.

Since the day its doors were unveiled over a century ago, Angelina has been the timeless rendezvous of Parisian aristocracy, gourmets and celebrities. Amongst their many visitors include Coco Chanel who was regularly seated at table number 10, Marcel Proust (the best French writer of the 20th century) as well as some of France’s greatest couturiers.

The exquisite interiors, designed by the famous Belle Epoque architect Edouart-jean Niermans, exude refinement and romance with its mosaic floors, ornate windows, embellished walls, marble-topped tables and impressive chandelier hanging from a grand, mirrored ceiling.

It was a beautiful sunny winter afternoon. My love and I were supposed to meet at an elegant cafe close to this Parisian institution. On my way to our meeting point, I passed by Angelina‘s vitrina. As you can imagine, it was hard not to enter the tearoom and leave with an indulgent creation.

I finally came into the shop. I had tried their sublime Mont Blanc on a previous occasion, so this time I was eager to savor other delicacies. If it is your first time at Angelina´s, don’t doubt it. Composed of meringue, chantilly whipped cream and chestnut cream vermicelly, Mont Blanc is the pastry that makes the reputation of Angelina since 1903.

Apart from their decadent Mont Blanc praliné which is only for sale during a limited period, other delicious and elegant pastries are absolutely a feast for the eye.

Their Choc Africain, Charlotte Poire-Chocolat, Saint Honoré, Choc Africain, Paris-New york, Joconde, Calisson are so finely designed that they look precious pieces of art. All these sumptuous creations will definitely awake all your senses.

Calisson & Paris-New York

Choc Africain & Babylone

Cheesecake Oasis & Religieuse Citron-Praliné

I got my my pastries packaged in an elegant black box, then,  I headed to the cafe to wait for my love. Sipping a delicious cafe au lait and savoring the delights while watching Paris go by in the mist of winter is definitely one of life´s finest pleasures!

Angelina Paris
226 Rue de Rivoli

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