Pure and Pristine, Fakarava “The Island of Dreams”

After exploring some of the Society Islands, we cast ourselves away in the far-flung desert island of Fakarava, the second largest of the Tuamotu atolls. Rectangular-shaped Fakarava is definitely one of the best kept secrets in the South Pacific.

Exquisitely romantic and heavenly secluded, this seemingly lost atoll is as pure and pristine today as it was the time when the first Europeans set out to explore the Pacific Ocean.

Fakarava is a palette of bright blues and greens, a virtually uninhabited land of unprecedented natural beauty that can only be described as a true oceanic wonder of the world.


Exploring Fakarava

We explored the only existing road by bike which allowed us to soak in the slow and tranquil pace of Polynesia. The delicate scent of tiare, frangipani and tropical flowers floated on the breeze wherever we went while the chatter of tropical birds echoed through the palm trees.

Ocean Breezes

With an endless horizon unfolding ahead we experienced moments of pure relaxation. Fakarava is like a world of wellbeing that makes you feel at one with nature with its indescribable energy.

Fakarava, a dream paradise

The natural splendor invites you to go sailing, snorkeling, diving, sea kayaking or paddle-boarding. We surrounded ourselves by the alluring sea and explored untouched areas of this Polynesian Paradise.


The spell cast by Fakarava will last for a lifetime!!

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