Eden Beach Bora Bora Hotel

Nestled on the shores of the pristine and secluded Motu Piti Aau, Eden Beach Bora Bora Hotel promises a stay of utter tranquility and relaxation. Remote and wild, time seems to move imperceptibly in this uniquely surreal setting.

Lime-green coconut palms, lush gardens of frangrant tropical flowers, the unmistakable scent of the tiare bloom drifting on the air… This truly Robinson Crusoe style resort represents the quintessential South Pacific Paradise.



Eden Beach Bora Bora Hotel is located on the southeastern side of the coral reef facing the spectacular Mount Otemanu. The 20-minute navigation from the airport or the 10-minute boat ride from Matira Point will render you totally speechless. There aren´t enough words to describe the infinite shades of blue of the lagoon.

Like a flawless jewel, Moty Piti Aau awaited us with its inconceivable beauty. The coral islet is truly one of those unreal places you thought only existed in your imagination. Vladek and his lovely wife welcomed us with a warm “Ia Orana” and put a fragant white tiare bloom behind our ears.  


A hideaway filled with charm

Eden Beach Bora Bora Hotel offers unparalelled privacy in the midst of pristine nature. Lying discreetly a few steps from the cerulean waters of the lagoon, the subly decorated bugalows enhance the serenity of the sumptuous surroundings. Whether you opt for a Beach Bungalow or a bungalow in the garden, you will feel a true sense of French Polynesia in every detail of the design and décor.

Featuring airy ceilings and an intimate terrace area perfect for romantic evenings, the palm-thatched bungalows have all been designed with the utmost attention to detail. Perfumed with the scent of the delicate creamy white Tahitian gardenia and fresh hibiscus, they will definitely exceed your expectations.


South Seas Romance

The South Pacific has seduced centuries of explorers with its undescrievable beauty. Most famous among them was Captain Cook who first came to French Polynesia in 1769. Our fascination with Tahiti and her islands grew stronger after reading the remarkable journals of Cook’s first Pacific voyage. His second in command, Captain Bligh, also inspired us to dream about and plan our own epic journey.

Our stay coincided with the spectacular month-long Heiva festival which filled the air with the sound of drums, pu (marine shell) and the traditional ukelele. Under the sapphire-coloured skies we lost all sense of time. The cerulean lagoon beckoned us to her shores as the the captivating lushness of the landscape inspired lazy days of lounging in the sun.


Idyllic Escapism

Days at Eden Beach Bora Bora Hotel were delightfully unhurried. Imagine waking up each morning to a mesmerising sunrise as you watch the dancing of lazily hanging palm fronds.

With the piercing silhouette of Mount Otemanu as the backdrop, we indulged ourselves in delicious breakfasts before whiling away the hours lying in a hammock. You can also have breakfast in bed as you admire the drama of the changing sky.  


Castaway Life

As we were the only guests for the first 2 nights, we had the opportunity to live out a Robinson Crusoe fantasy. Under the infinite blue sky, we relaxed on the palm fringed powder white sandy beach while reading books or sipping cocktails made with fresh tropical fruits. At night, we embraced romance with candlelit dinners or starlit dips in the pool.



Exploring Motu Piti Aau

Venture away from the hotel and you will discover the ethereal beauty of Motu Pity Aau.

Discovering The Lagoon

At Eden Beach Bora Bora Hotel you will find an abundance of activities from snorkeling, kayaking and diving to water skiing,  cruising, fishing and hiking. Vladek will make the most of your stay by arranging a series of bespoke activities for you.

Our wonderful friend Salvador as the Captain of the expedition


Eden Beach Hotel Bora Bora

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