Tapas Molecular Bar, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Tokyo

Rising high above the futuristic Japanese capital, the Mandarin Oriental epitomizes the very essense of luxury with its unique blend of modernity and timeless tradition.

The ultra-modern hotel situated within the top nine floors of the Cesar Pelli-designed Nihonbashi Mitsui tower absolutely delights with its 157 exquisitely appointed rooms and 21 suites, impeccable service and world-class restaurants.


Located on the impossibly eclectic 38th floor, the one-michelin starred restaurant provides a superior dining experience combining a remarkable use of sophisticated techniques and an unrellenting creativity.

Originally from Hong Kong, chef Ngan Ping Chow turns the traditional sushi- bar style into a science lab where every guest is invited to play with liquid nitrogen, espumas, effervescent foams and airs, spherical forms, bubbles, dusts and jellies. Over the course of two hours, the physics genius along with his assistant will prepare a surreal repertoire of bite-sized delicacies right in front of your eyes.

TMB is an opportunity to learn about Modernist Cuisine and the experimentation behind each and every dish. This is interactive counter dining where scientist Ngan Ping Chow gives passionate explanations of his creations as he experiments with unexpected textures, shapes and temperatures.

The experience begins… 

A mysterious wrapped box was placed right in front of each guest. As we took our seats, we were instructed to unravel the bandanna which was supposed to be our napkin during the evening. Once unwrapped, an intriguing box containing small implements and a measure tape was revealed. The next instruction was to pour the water on what looked a pill and…voilà! The pill expanded magically turning into a wet hand towel.

The menu was surprisingly inside the measure tape

Dinner consisted of a series of tapas-styled dishes that were not what they appeared to be. In fact, most of them were exactly what you were not expecting. Chef Ngan Ping Chow invited us to overcome our prejudices and to open our minds. Each dish was more unique than the next. As soon as you finished one, another gorgeous miniaturized tapa made your heart beat.


Triple Corn

An impressive dish that absolutely tricked the eyes…






Lettuce, pine seed, hot & sour



BBQ Pork, vegetables, sesame ash



Tuna/ abalone/ yuzu

Onsen Tamago

Tofu/truffle/ squash

Consommé On The Rock

Duck/herb/ flowers



Fish In Chips



72 Hours Rib

Wagyu/ onion/ honey



Japanese Breakfast

Rice (coconut/ yogurt), Pickles (fruits/marmalade), Egg (mango/ shell)


Spaghetti (bolognese/ parmesan)- Cheese Cake ( elderflower), After Eight ( chocolate-mint, meringue)

Liquid nitrogen dancing across the counter…


Mint meringue swirled around in liquid nitrogen

When we crunched it, we started shooting smoke out of our noses.


Spectacular views of the city and beyond

The vastness of Tokyo


Limited to an exclusive group of only eight people per seating, TMB is absolutely a great show, a unique molecular gastronomy experience. 


Price: JPY 16.000 per person + 13% service charge + 8% consumption tax

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

2-1-1 Nihonbashi Muromachi

Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8328




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