Toatea Viewpoint, Temae Beach and the Beautiful Vahine

The extraordinary beauty of Moorea is said to have been James Michener’s inspiration for the mysterious island of Bali Hai in his epic book, Tales Of The Pacific. Like him, numerous writers and artists have been lured and inspired by the island’s lushness and mystical  sensuality.

The island seems to remain unchanged since the first Europeans set out to explore the Pacific Ocean.  Moorea is pure and unspoilt. It smells like a mixture of burning firewood, exotic flowers, vanilla, freshly cut coconut and every fruit imaginable. From the moment we set foot on the island, we fell absolutely in love with its divine fragrance, coconut- dotted white sand beaches, emerald mountains and crystalline lagoon.

 Toatea Viewpoint

Right above the Sofitel hotel there is a fabulous viewpoint where you can admire the alluring views that stretch beyond the crystal clear lagoon to the island of Tahiti.

We delighted ourselves with the unreal beauty of the coral reefs that ring the island and played to see how many shades of blue we could see. As I looked at the horizon I remembered some lines Van Gogh once wrote: ” I am always looking for blue”. And I have to admit, the same thing happens to me. When I’m in French Polynesia I just can’t take my eyes off of the sea.

From deep indigo, exquisite aquamarine, intense navy, vivid turquoise and mysterious sapphire to Persian, cerulean, zenith and royal blue…No one can be prepared for the countless, infinite hues of blue that  can be appreciated in the romantic South Pacific.


Temae Beach

We took our bikes and followed the unpaved road that leads to the finest stretch of soft, white sand on the island. Well known for its hypnotically beautiful location and heavenly blue water, Temae beach was the perfect place to laze the day away in the cool shade of the softly swaying palms.

At the weekend, many Tahitians come over to Temae beach to have a pleasant picnic with their families and friends or just to enjoy the simple pleasure of relaxation in such an idyllic surrounding. This public beach is therefore, a fantastic place to  meet and interact with the joyful and jovial  locals who sometimes surprise you with a spontaneous ukelele performance.


The Beautiful Vahine 

At Temae beach we had the pleasure of meeting an adorable vahine crowned with tropical flowers who seemed to be enchanted by the endless ocean. The Polynesians have always had a close connection with nature and especially with the sea.

Tahitians take great pride in sharing their ancestors’ ocean oriented legends so if you ask them, they will be more than welcome to tell you about those brave and intrepid voyagers who skillfully mastered the Pacific Ocean.

One can often see islanders sailing in their va’a (Polynesian outrigger canoe),  fishing, surfing or just admiring the deep blue sea like the sweet vahine of the picture.

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  • Jossye says:

    Your honeymoon looks amzinag! I’d love to visit Bora Bora someday. I’m a newly wed too! 🙂 We honeymooned in NYC – a totally different kind of honeymoon, but wonderful too.

    • Rakel says:

      Hi Jossye! Well, It wasn´t our honeymoon, we just travelled to the Pacific islands in our summer vacation. I love NYC, it´s definitely one of the best destinations on Earth! Kisses and hugs…

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