Villa Yiara, Positano

Have you ever visited a place and then dreamed about going back and re-live every single moment spent there? For me, that place is Positano. It´s a very special destination -like no other- full of Italian charm and magical enchantment.

As appealing as it was when I first visited, this small town on the Amalfi Coast is a true jewel that brings your wildest romantic fantasy to life. This little stretch of paradise overwhelms you at first, stuns you with its precipitous cliffs, winding roads and azure sea. No matter how many times you return, you will never get use to it!

Although Positano is synonymous with luxurious villas overlooking the sparkling sea like the world famous Le Sirenuse or Ville Treville, I love discovering secret gems to carry forever in my heart.

During my last trip to Positano, I had the pleasure to stay with il mio amore in a heavenly property situated high on the cliff. Effortlessly chic in the way only Italians can achieve, Villa Yiara is the quintessence of la dolce vita.

Attention to detail is impeccable. Our breezy whitewashed suite decorated in white and yellow tones was all about love. Lulled by the scent of orchids and delightful bougainvillea, we spent our days relaxing at our private terrace overlooking the Mediterranean.

Da Gabrisa Restaurant

We would take the classic passeggiata (stroll) in the evening and then have a candle lit dinner at Da Gabrisa restaurant. We were taken on a journey of the senses with every dish as we sipped glasses of pink Bellini or Prosecco.

After trying their homemade ravioli, stuffed with ricotta cheese on a zucchini, cheese and basil sauce, you´ll undoubtedly leave wanting a reservation for tomorrow night’s dinner!!

Villa Yiara

Viale Pasitea, 294

Te. (+39) 089 812 2379

Our suite: Around 400e (breakfast and tourist tax included)

Thanks Villa Yiara for featuring my pic on IG!

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