Habanera Restaurant- A Real Feel Of Cuba in Madrid

Our eternal love for Cuba took us to this eye-catching restaurant located accross the iconic Plaza Colón in the charming Justicia neighborhood.

With an opulent colonial coutyard brimming with potted palm trees and hanging ferns, elaborate ceiling moldings and tiled floors, Habanera truly recreates a nostalgic vision of the Caribbean island.

As soon as we entered the premises, the atmosphere of the restaurant immersed us little by little in Old Havana thanks to its exotic decor, bright colors, floral prints, rattan furniture and careful illumination.

Each corner of this Cuban-inspired restaurant is a delightful surprise and hides a unique charming feel. The background music enhances Habanera’s beautiful decadence and makes the experience even more unforgettable.

The menu boasts unique dishes that recall the Caribbean cuisine. Everything we ordered was a feast for the eye and an explosion of favors. We absolutely loved our “Saquitos de Arroz a la Cubana” and “Ventresca Salad”. The presentation was simply divine.

We couldn’t resist the temptation of trying some wonderful cocktails by master mixologist Carlos Moreno which were definitely the ideal complement to our meal.

Habanera has an extensive cocktail menu, however, Pollito Pío Pío really draw my attention. Apparently, they have recreated an iced drink, but mixing it with a bit of the beautiful Italy, the mystic Asia, the joy of people from the Canary Islands and the cool touch of Madrid.

“Pollito Pío Pío” Cocktail

Habanera is by far one of the most instagram-able restaurants I have been to, and it represents another ‘it’ dining spot that you shouldn’t miss when travelling to the Spanish capital.


C) Génova 28

Tel. tel:+34 91 737 20 17


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