Calo Des Moro- The Dreamiest Cove in Majorca

Last month, Javi and I took an impromptu trip to the insanely beautiful island of Majorca. To be honest, there are pretty sexy beaches on every corner on the island, but Calo Des Moro truly took our breath away, from every angle.

Surrounded by red hued cliffs and a pine forest, this ridiculously idyllic natural pool was easily our favorite cala- and like all good things in life it required a bit of effort to find.

We arrived early in the morning to explore the rocky terrain. After taking a dip in the inviting turquoise waters, we walked along the coastline and found a quiet spot on the rocks for a little sun bathing. The luminous blue water from there sparkled like nothing else.

Calo Des Moro is the kind of place you can easily spend a day out, and despite its popularity, the secluded cove is 100% natural which means there´s not a snack bar in sight. We took plenty of water with us, some sandwiches and whatever other supplies we may need.

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