Aqua Luxury Suites, Santorini Boutique Hotel, Imerovigli

There may be no place as romantic and serene than Santorini. I remember feeling immediately in love with the crescent-shaped island the first moment I set foot on it. Santorini has been viewed exclusively as a summer destination however, it can be the perfect place for those, like us, in search of quiet and solitude. Longing for a couple of days of pure indulgence and completely privacy, we ventured to the Greek island to spend our long-awaited Easter vacation.

Perched just above the imposing caldera and bathed in cobalt blue waters, the pristine white- washed village of Imerovigli became our intimate hideaway. Staying at Aqua Luxury Suites was like being ushered into a world of exclusive privileges, tailored experiences, bespoke amenities, personalized services and flawless hospitality.

Romance definitely reigns at Aqua Luxury Suites…




Each one of the sprawling suites reflects a true sense of the Aegean island and invites relaxation and endless romance amid the lunar landscape of Santorini.

The master bedroom with its own expansive living area, the magnificent heated jacuzzi indoors and the soothing environment definitely compose an irresistible sanctuary. Feeling suitably at home, we enjoyed moments of peaceful, repose and total indulgence.

Every morning, we indulged in a hand delivered tray with our favorites -fresh fruit and juices, cereals, grilled meats, sweet bread with various jams, delicious Greek yogurt, coffee and tea. We loved to have our hearty breakfast in the small yard gazing at the gloriously open horizon and feeling the fresh ocean breeze or within the comfort and convenience of our suite whenever we felt lazy or it was windy outside.

We filled our days leisurely strolling through Imerovigli´s narrow, labyrinthine paths and soaking up every second. Entirely deserted, there was nothing around us but the infinite blue of the Mediterranean sea against the whitewashed walls of the villas.

From the first moment to the last goodbye, the Aqua Luxury Suites was the perfect place to recharge. Exuding an incredible sense of calm, relaxation and wellbeing, this cocoon of sumptuous luxury never fails to whisk you away!

Aqua Luxury Suites,  Santorini Boutique Hotel

Off season rates: Around 220€ per night

On season: Around 570€ per night

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