Martina de Zuricalday Patisserie, Bilbao

Founded in 1830, Martina de Zuricalday Patisserie is the oldest traditional patisserie in Euskadi. With its chocolate éclairs, macaroon pyramids, subtle fruit-based desserts and flaky buttery croissants, this wonderful temple of pastries and cakes has earned a reputation as one of the most iconic pastry shops in Bilbao. Supposedly, King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain had in common a great love for Martina de Zuricalday´s classic recipes.

The crowning glory is definitely the “Bollo de Mantequilla” -creamy butter bun-which has been baked the way it was 200 years ago. Other remarkable and suggestive pastries served at Martina de Zuricalday are the creamy meringue cakes -called “Ruso”-, the traditional “Palmeras” -heart-shaped puff pastries- and  the “Carolina” -a typical cone-shaped meringue pastry-.

The secret of these beautifully designed pastries lies in choosing the highest quality products. Their recipe has been treated with great respect in order to ensure that taste remain the same through the generations. Try one of these classic pastries and you will fall in love with it for the rest of your life!

Saint Valentine´s Day

Spring Cakes

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Celebrating With Martina de Zuricalday

Although we are traveling most of the time, home is our favorite place to be. When we are in Bilbao, we love indulging ourselves with an irresistible breakfast filled with most amazing creations from Martina. With an elegant vintage touch, their Bambula cake is truly divine and one of our favorites!

Last time we did a romantic picnic at home, Martina created a beautiful cake for us called Pampoxa which was utterly delicious!

Martina de Zuricalday has four adorable pastry shops in Bilbao. My favourite one is conveniently located at Plaza San José, 3. Ahhh and remember, There´s a 50% discount on all its products on Tuesdays!

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