Los Enamorados- The Most Bohemian Hotel in Ibiza

With international travel on pause due to Covid19, we had no choice other than cancel our extended trip to Asia. We have learnt what it means to put our hectic lives on hold and just be still in one place.

Now, more than ever, we want to feel alive. After digging into our memory banks and photo albums, we decided to return to some of our favorite spots in our country to enjoy some endless summer days.

For this new adventure, we stayed in a dreamy beach house located in the romantic harbor of Portinax in North Ibiza. Los Enamorados truly seduces with its fascinating mid-century-tropical aesthetic, thatched beach bar and in-house bazaar.

Stephan Hasmann, the always smiling hotel Manager, is definitely the soul of this eclectic boho Ibiza retreat. As soon as we arrived, he gave us the warmest welcome and catered to our every whim.

Rich colors and imaginative details certainly add an air of mystery and romance to the property. Our jewel-colored bedroom was absolutely delightful. We had a private balcony with a hammock and views over the turquoise ocean and fishermans boats.

Days here were insanely peaceful. Imagine waking up in the comfiest bed ever with the softest Italian sheets and three double Coco-mat mattresses. Then, we treated ourselves to a freshly made coffee and sipped on a healthy juice and a glass of cava. We always had scramble eggs with spinach to feel great all day long.

We loved nothing more than a lazy day in a small cala with crystal clear turquoise water. We would prop up an umbrella and hang out there till the golden hour. One day, we just took an afternoon siesta in our double bedroom and enjoy a late dinner on the sprawling waterside terrace.

Stephan Hasmann
Delicious veggie burger

Los Enamorados Ibiza

103, Calle de Portinatx

Tel: +34 971 33 75 49

Price (minimum of 2 night stay): Double Room 815E, breakfast included.

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