Magical Treehouse- Cabañas En Los Arboles

The adventure of an outdoor treehouse has always been on our Wish List. These hidden gems are often described as being the most relaxing, dreamy and romantic places you’ll ever stay. What could be better than feeling close to the birds and the stars, as well as being at once with the forces of nature?

Nestled amid lush woodland in an enchanting corner of Basque Country, Elaia, the highest treehouse in Europe, became a truly romantic rendezvous. It was the solitude, the seclusion, and most importantly, the feeling of freedom that attracted us to this amazing arboreal creation. Shaded by ancient trees, we found our cozy nest utterly unique and exceptional.

Elaia Treehouse

There is a true sense of magic as you ascend the wooden spiral stairway that leads to the fairy tale retreat. The attention to detail is amazing. A wall of full length windows invite natural daylight while the fireplace and the expansive round bed definitely add a dash of romance to the scheme.

Named after a bird, Elaia treehouse was a sanctuary of peaceful energy. Spending the night close to nature was truly whimsical and calming. Silence was rarely broken by birds, the hooting of tawny owls, or the bubbling stream that runs alongside our trunk. There were we, suspended in an ancient pine tree 17 meters off the ground, cuddling together and counting stars till we both fell asleep.

Enveloped in natural beauty, we would woke up to the chirping of birds and the soothing sound of the breeze through the trees every morning. The room was an oasis of calmness and gave a sense of being floating in mid air. This is defenitely a place to reflect. From the very beginning our minds slowed our bodies relaxed.

Breakfast time was the moment to break our inner child free! Our morning feast was provided in a big basket that we had to raise thanks to a rope. The day of the pictures, herds of deer passed before our eyes!

Elaia Treehouse: 130E (low season)

Cabañas En Los Árboles

Located in the limit of Gorbea and Urkiola natural parks, Cabañas en los Árboles complex (Cabins In The Trees) offers four hidden treehouses between tree trunks of a remote forest, and four gypsy caravans for those seeking to experience sheer wilderness. A beautifully restored farmhouse holds the reception.


The gypsy caravans are utterly romantic.

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Cabañas en los Árboles

N-240 km 26-27, 48144 Zeanuri

Tel. 34 675 970 072/ 34 946 522 832

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