Sleeping In A Bubble-Aire De Bardenas, Navarra

Surrounded by wheat fields, Hotel Aire De Bardenas is a luxury shelter in the harsh yet beautiful lunar-like landscape of the Unesco Biosphere Reserve of Las Bardenas Reales.

The four- star hotel is renowned for its modernist architecture and minimalist design and has already been awarded 26 architecture and Interior Design prizes including the Best Designed Hotel 2010 by Monocle Magazine, the Young Prize of the X Spanish Architecture Biennial and the AR Architecture Review Prize for Emerging Architecture 2008, which is the biggest international award for young architects.

The young Barcelona-based Latin American architects Emiliano López and Monica Rivera have created an ecological architectural jewel using simple metal paneled cubes. Named after the wind that rolls in over the Bardenas desertAire seems to rise unexpectedly from the extraordinary unusual natural setting.

The strategically arranged collection of containers creates a central courtyard which is magically illuminated at night.

Bubble Rooms

Conceived as a shelter from the dry winds of the desert, the Zen-like luxury getaway certainly is one of Spain’s most surprising hotels. Apart from the carefully designed 22 rooms -divided into either those gazing into the beauty of the barren environment, or those near the main building with vast round bathtubs in their private courtyards –Aire is comprised of a series of Instagrammable see-through bubbles that will make you feel out of this world.

The semi-desert landscape truly give you the sense of having been dropped down onto the surface of the moon. The silence, the solitude, the dry and dusty expanse… Sleeping in one of these bubble tents is a surreal experience you should definitely add on your bucket list. Set amongst the dusty plains, the transparent spheres include bed, shower, toilet, minibar and a super comfy bed.


A Collection of Memories


Fiery Sunsets

Starry Nights

Imagine being under a mantle of stars…

Subtly Sunrises

Bubbles is our bubble 🙂


Aire de Bardenas

Bubble Rooms: 245E (taxes not included)


Bardenas Reales Natural Park

So, what to do in the middle of the indomitable desert?? As the Hotel Aire the Bardenas is conveniently located on the outskirts of Tudela, you can visit the medieval town, sample some of the Navarre’s finest gastronomical treasures or discover the wild beauty of Bardenas Reales National Park like we did.

We woke up early in order to avoid the intense desert heat and hit the dirty road leading into Bardena Blanca, the most photographed zone in the park. We had previously bought some cakes and coffee to enjoy them on the way.


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