An Architectural Masterpiece: The Temple Of Heaven

Intriguing, unexpectable and utterly unforgettable, the vast land of China offers a unique travel experience. This magical destination promises an unparalelled journey with its ancient and imperial sights, time-honored traditions, unparalleled landscapes and exilarating futuristic cities.

Our remarkable journey started in Beijing, home to some of the country´s most iconic landmarks such as the maze-like Forbidden City, the Tiananmen Square, the magnificent Summer Palace and the base for exploring the world-famous Great Wall


The Temple Of Heaven

Without a doubt one of the highlights of any trip to Beijing is a visit to The Temple of Heaven, a national treasure where the Emperors offered sacrifices to the heave and prayed for good harvests.

Regarded as a masterpiece of architecture and landscape desing, the Temple of Heaven is the largest existing and well preserved complex of imperial sacrificial buildings in China. Looked from above, the temple halls are round and the bases square in accordance with the Chinese thought of ‘the heaven is round and the earth is square’.

Listed as one of the World Cultural Relics by the UNESCO, the magnificent Taoist temple is one of the finest cultural expressions of the Ming Dynasty. The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, which is built on a single level of marble stone base, is one of the most recognizable icons of the ancient capital of Beijing.

No matter how many times I visit, the cone-shaped blue roof crowned with a gilded knob never fails to impress. Unfortunately, the original building was reduced to ashes after being struck by a lightning in 1889 but has been faithfully reconstructed.

The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests 


The Temple of Heaven Park

A walk through the 267-hectare park is a constant surprise. In the early hours of the morning, local residents gather spontaneously to practice the slow and graceful art of TaiChi, Jian zi, Yoga and any other activity imaginable.

China’s elderly community radiates energy, vitality and physical strength. It´s an authentic pleasure to see them having their ballroom dance lesson, singing opera, playing cards or simply creating works with a paintbrush and water on the ground below.

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