Santorini At Easter


Every travel destination has an ideal time of year, however, I love traveling off season. You may think, who wants to visit the Greek Islands in the middle of winter or early in spring? ME. It´s true that Santorini is heaven during the summer months with its sparkling infinity pools and rooftop verandas, but trust me when I say that Santorini can also be the world’s most fabled and romantic destination on Earth at Easter.

Aside from a few tourists, we were the only ones on this beautiful yet remote island in the Mediterranean. Most hotels and restaurants had their doors closed which definitely added a sense of perfect solitude and mystery. Still, we found a few dimly lit restaurants overlooking the Aegean. Traveling to Santorini offseason was like escaping to a private island. Our days were spent in a blissful state as you will see…


The haunting, magical, beauty of fog

At Easter the mists may swirl, but the timeless beauty of Santorini never fades. Enveloped by an ethereal mist, the island looked so incredibly romantic the day we arrived. The evocative landscapes and the lunar scenery seemed even more dramatic. Lying on the top of an impressive cliff with magnificent views towards the volcano, Oia in the mist dared us to fall in love with it.


This bookshop in Oia is probably one of the most enchanting places we could have ever hoped to stumble upon. Founded in 2004 by a group of friends from Cyprus, England, and the United States, Atlantic Bookstore has become an institution both locally and internationally for its impressive collection of rare first editions.

In December 2005, The Guardian newspaper made a list of the top 10 bookshops in the world and included the dreamy two-room bookstore. The is a a haven for readers and writers. Throughout the year they host literary festivals, book readings, good old fashioned dance parties and an open-air cinema.

Meteor Cafe

With the stars shining off the Aegean, we lingered over a hot mug of coffee at the popular Meteor Cafe. We relished that precious moment; Soft Jazz, delicious hot coffee, and the sense of being the only tourists in the whole island.




Veiled in romance and escapism, the Island of Lava greeted us with powder blue skies the following days. As you can see, the fog came and went. Suddenly, Oia´s millions of mysteries suddenly unfolded in front of us.

Vitrin Cafe-Crêperie

This little cafe was the ideal place to have a delicious crêpe while basking in the sun. 


Located on the north side of the island, Imerovigli is characterized as one of the most overwhelmingly beautiful balconies of Santorini


Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

With its wonderfully ornate clock tower overlooking the town, the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist is the main Catholic church on Santorini. Located in the Catholic quarter of Fira, the cathedral distinguishes for its vibrant colors. The beautiful cathedral is definitely one of the greatest jewels of Santorini´s capital.


Oia Windmill

What is it like staying in a traditional mill? Well, our 45m2 renovated stylish villa was pure fantasy. From the bedroom high in the tower, we enjoyed the most magical views of the caldera. At night, we truly had the impression of being among the stars.


Oia Windmill

Aqua Luxury Suites

The highlight of our trip was without a doubt our Honeymoon Cave Suite at Aqua Luxury Suites. With its curved whitewashed walls, heated Jacuzzi indoors for endless romance and a small yard with dining equipment, the impressive suite became our romantic hideaway in the tranquil Cycladic village of Imerovigli. Click here to read about our incomparable stay at this hotel.

Aqua Luxury Suites

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