Santorini Mou Tavern

There’s no other place like Santorini Mou Tavern on the island. Located in a small picturesque town close to Oia called Finikia, this cozy restaurant should definitely be at the top of your list for a fun night.

The restaurant is like an old rural villa surrounded by plants and fragant blossoms. It offers traditional Greek dishes cooked only with local fresh ingredients.

The soft lighting in the backyard creates such a relaxing and intimate atmosphere that invites you to linger over a glass of wine.

People dance, sing, tap in time to the music, talk from one table to another and smiles abound as Ouzo keeps flowing. Mihalis always takes a picture of all his guests and then he displays them either in hanging frames or just add them in his album.

Many renonwed personalities have dined at Santorini Mou Tavern. Jennifer Aniston, for instance, visited the Santorini Mou Tavern in 1996 as well as the band Green Day.

We had a magical night at Santorini Mou Tavern. Live music, great food, wonderful staff…We couldn´t have asked for more!!



TIP: The place is usually packed, so be sure to book a table in advance.


Santorini Mou Tavern

Location: Finikia village

(A little bit pricey)

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