Córdoba- A Jewel In Andalusia

Ahhh Córdoba…I truly can´t find words to describe the beauty of this ancient Andalusian city. Enclosed by the remnants of its medieval walls, Córdoba is a delicious slice of old-world Spain where balconies and doorways are massed with flowers and vines, and the perfume of the jasmine fills the air.

Instead of seeing Córdoba on a day trip from Seville, we truly recommend spending three days to immerse yourself in its timeless charm. The first day we began with a tourist routine. An obligatory morning visit to La Mezquita; The Alcázar (the palace of the Spanish kings), the exquisite marble synagogue…

Letting ourselves be guided by chance and instinct, the rest of the days, we found romantic taverns along the way where we sipped fragrant, dry finos to the strains of Spanish guitars, plant festooned patios and wonderful terraces shaded by exotic trees.

Considered one of the greatest mosques in the world, La Mezquita is an architectural jewel that stands majestically at the heart of the historical old town. No matter how many times you visit it, you will always be amazed by the endless forest of red-and-white striped arches.

As dusk, we would take romantic strolls along the beguiling Roman bridge and The Judería.


My Favorite Restaurant

La Fragua

Come here for the best salmorejo ever! This wonderful dish is typical of the Córdoba area in Andalusia and has the texture of a cream.

Apart from this Cordovan specialty, we highly recommend trying their mouthwatering  croquetas de puchero, and their flamenquín (slices of jamón serrano wrapped in pieces of pork loin, coated with egg and breadcrumbs and then deep-fried). The food at La Fragua is probably the best we had in Córdoba with a special emphasis on local produce.

My Favorite Hotel

Hotel Madinat

In the heart of the old medina between white and cobbled alleys, lies a unique property: Hotel Madinat. An ideal Andalusian Moorish style house that effortlessly blends history with contemporary design.

Little details, such as a doorway with metalwork evoking a sense of exoticism, the terra-cotta tiled floor and the subtle traces of Moorish architecture make this unusual venue one-of-a-kind. Click here to read more…

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