Havaro’s Floral-Inspired Creamy Deserts, Tokyo

Sophisticated and magical, these floralinspired desserts are a delight for the eyes. Once you see these elegant treats, you will fall madly in love with them. Decorated with real flowers supended in lightly colored gelatin, Havaro´s delicious Bavarian cream pastries are sold in a cute pâtisserie located at Ichibangai, a commercial area in Tokyo station

Havaro takes its name from Hana which is the Japanese word for “flower” and the French pronunciation of “bavarois”.

There are three types of Bavarian cream products. The bouquet (15cm) is the biggest and the most impressive one. This work of art comes in form of a classic bundt cake and varies in price depending on the exact flowers used. The mouth-watering small domes called Fleurs (70mm) sell for 350 yen each and the bite-sized cubes called pétals (35mm)can be sold as a single treat or in packs of eight (1,800 yen).

As for the flavours, there are many to choose from: yogourt à la vanille, fraise, orange, chocolat, fromage à la crème, matcha…I absolutely loved them all! Havaro´s edible flower desserts have become very popular so come early as they sell out daily.



花のババロア Havaro
Tokyo-to, Chiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-9-1, Tokyo-eki Ichibangai 1st floor, inside Tokyo Me+



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