Verdant Tegalalang Rice Terraces- Bali

Known as the Island of Gods, Bali never ceases to impress with its outrageous natural beauty, exotic arts and sublimely spiritual culture. Walking along the perfectly-sculpted rice paddy fields of Tegalalang was like immersing ourselves in an endlessly lush green oasis

The tropical warmth, the swaying coconut palms and bowing banana trees, the fresh pure air and the small ponds of water reflecting the sky above emphasize the absolute uniqueness of this magical  place.

RICE is LIFE in Bali


Local farmer

Considered a gift from the gods, rice is an integral part of the Balinese culture. Steeped heavily in tradition, Bali‘s traditional Subak irrigation system has been awarded World Heritage Cultural Landscape status by UNESCO.

In order to have a healthy and robust harvest, ceremonies are held to present offerings to Dewi Sri, the goddess of rice and one of the most beloved deities on the island. Intricately-decorated shrines are built by the farmers in a corner of their fields to honor the Rice Mother.


Small Treasures

In a unique haven of tranquillity, we indulged ourselves with some fresh coconut water and natural juices. Hidden away in this  incomparable setting,  we reconnected with nature and found inner peace.

Well, our peace was interrupted when we met this little girl who stole our hearts with her beautiful smile.


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