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Who doesn’t remember Top Gun?!! This action movie of the 80s grossed over $356 million and made Tom Cruise an international superstar. Some people love it, others, not so much, but almost everybody agrees Top Gun had some of the best aerial scenes  we´ve ever seen.

The majority of Top Gun´s film locations were shot in San Diego, California. Apart from its scenic beauty, this gorgeous city has been the backdrop for numerous film projects such as Citizen Kane and Some Like It Hot.

Kansas City Barbeque

The Kansas City Barbeque is known for being the filming location of the blockbuster action film Top Gun. But, do you have any idea how this little bar became famous? Keep on reading! Apparently, the location director for Paramount Studios stopped in at the Kansas City Barbeque for a beer during the filming of “Top Gun“. He liked the vibe so much that he brought back the director Tony Scott who asked the owners about the possibility of closing down for a day to do some shooting.

Two memorable scenes were filmed at the Kansas City Barbeque. The first one was when Goose and Maverick played “Great Balls of Fire” at the piano. Then, Meg Ryan says the famous line “Goose, you big stuuuuuud! Take me to bed now or lose me forever!” in the dining area of the bar. The KCBBQ was also used in the final scene when Kelly McGillis surprises Maverick  in the bar while  their favourite song,”You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’” is heard playing on the jukebox.

We stopped at the KCBBQ for a beer, but it happened that we also loved the atmophere and the people we met, so we ended up having lots of them!

The owner was very friendly and enjoyed sharing stories and photos of the film. He even gave me some Top Gun postcards, as you can see in the picture.


Kansas City Barbeque
600 W Harbor Drive (between Kettner Blvd & G St)
San Diego, CA 92101
Tel. (619) 231-9680


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